Why Rams must stick with a promising running game without Kyren Williams

The LA Rams demolished the Arizona Cardinals in Week 6 with a supercharged ground assault. Here's why the Rams must stick with the running game without Kyren Williams in Week 7.
Kyren Williams, LA Rams
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Kyren Williams Los Angeles Rams / Ronald Martinez/GettyImages

Rams really roll when they run with the football

This has never been about running the football just for the sake of running the football. This is a young team, and as such the Rams coaching staff cannot call the plays as though the offense and defense average a half-dozen or more years of NFL experience.

The strategy of a football game is not isolated. Rather, what the offense does has a direct bearing on the defense. Likewise, what the defense does has a direct bearing on the offense. And they both impact how the Rams special teams units approach the game.

There are more reasons to run the football than simply gaining yards. Even if the Rams are unable to churn out big running plays, the game clock keeps moving. And that means that opposing offenses have less time, and therefore, fewer plays, to score. So, it's wrong to put the burden of the final score on the Rams defense if the offense fails to control at least 30 minutes of the Time of Possession. But there are more reasons to run.

Save passing game players

The risk of injury to Rams players in a steady diet of pass plays is significantly higher. Defenders can tee-off, getting a head of steam up which the offensive linemen must absorb. Imagine trying to stop an automobile that is rolling downhill at you? It's a similar dynamic. That does not even factor in the wear and tear on a quarterback who is sacked, pressured, hit or pursued as he tries to get the pass away to the receiver.

In running plays, the Rams offensive linemen initiate the contact, which flips everything. Now, defenders are stationary and the Rams center, guards, and tackles have the head of steam. When impact occurs in those circumstances, the defenders are on their heels and the Rams offensive linemen have the upper hand. And that often leads to good things:

There is more to running the football than just running the football. There is the positive impact that it delivers to the entire team. To prove that point, the Rams defense is often maligned in post-games discussions. But in Weeks 1 and 6, the Rams defense shut down the opposing offense in the second half.

That's not a coincidence. Rather, it proves just how effective this defense can be when they are well rested throughout the game.