Why Rams offseason moves are worthy of renewed optimism

NFC Wild Card Playoffs - Los Angeles Rams, Ronnie Rivers
NFC Wild Card Playoffs - Los Angeles Rams, Ronnie Rivers / Gregory Shamus/GettyImages

The LA Rams are already getting active this offseason. Having filled the ranks of the porous coaching staff with new hires, the team has pivoted to window-dressing the Rams roster. So far, the team has been steadily clipping here and replanting there, a slow but deliberate pace that conveys a manner of properly vetting each action taken. The thing is, are these good or bad moves for the team?

Perhaps one of the most difficult aspects from a fan's perspective is the ability to judge instantly over the matter in terms of whether the action is good or bad for the team's chances for the upcoming season. It's not some intrinsic complexity or obscurity with the calculation. Rather it's simply a matter of judging the cake at the point of purchasing the ingredients. Until it's all mixed into the batter and baked, it's virtually impossible to judge with any accuracy.

And yet, there are ways to gauge the impact of actions taken by the team as they happen. The accuracy may not be readily measurable, but there is no need to project the individual players' statistics as they re-join the team. The true goal is to get a measure of 'directional correctness,' or perhaps more effectively simply to put your finger in the bucket to tell if the water temperature.

So far, the two players re-signed to the Rams roster, WR Demarcus Robinson and RB Ronnie Rivers, made positive contributions in 2023 with limited opportunities. So I do not believe that it takes a grand leap of faith to believe that they will contribute in a similar fashion in 2024 with similar opportunities.

Of course, the very act of extending players suggests that the front office and coaching staff views that player as holding even greater potential for 2024 than last season. After all, whether limited by injuries or simply not getting snaps, players who ultimately earned playing time in 2023 will have an easier time of earning playing time this season.

And faster to the football field means faster to make a positive contribution.

Speculation? Perhaps. But let history be your guide. And not just the history of that player. Rather, dare to consider the development and learning curves of other NFL players in previous seasons. Rookies can improve dramatically just by showing up for their second NFL season. Young players who needed more time to acclimate to the NFL speed and physicality eventually catch up to the rest of the field.

Still a Doubting Thomas? Then consider this: This team doubled the number of wins from 2022 to 2023 with no money and 10 original draft picks. The same team now boasts plenty of money (within reason), some incredible returning rookies, and 11 draft picks, with the first Round 1 pick in eight seasons.

The LA Rams coaching staff and front office truly have earned our trust. I, for one, will not hesitate to give it to them. After all, to earn trust, you have to be willing to invest some.