Why rookie RB Zach Evans could be better than the brochure for the LA Rams

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No redshirt for this Rams rookie running back

The LA Rams are never lacking interest in a new and talented offensive skilled player. And Zach Evans is very talented. While he played just three years of NCAA football, he filled each stage with incredible production and demonstrated remarkable growth over those three seasons. Both are necessary for NFL scouts to endorse selecting that player for a role on an NFL team.

The unique aspects of a rookie running back like Zach Evans is not that he excels at one aspect of the offense, but that he has a mastery of so much of what the LA Rams love to do with their runners. That is not to say that everything about Evans is so refined that he will outshine everyone. He will need to work on getting stronger. He will need to refine his ability to block in pass protection. And he will need to further develop his ability to catch passes out of the backfield. But all of those deficiencies can be addressed in training camp.

Rams draft landed potential starting RB in Round 6

What did his draft profile read?

player. 51. NFL Draft Buzz. Running back. Ole Miss. Zach Evans. 215. NFL Draft Profile

At 5-foot-11 and 202 pounds, Evans is the right size and body mass to withstand the rigors of becoming a three-down running back in the NFL. And with featured running back Cam Akers nearing the end of his rookie contract, the Rams will be seeking a substitute to handle the load. The best aspect of Zach Evans is the simple fact that the Rams grabbed a potential starting running back late in the draft.

Although he was chosen late on Day 3 of the 2023 NFL Draft, this young man packs all of the power and potential of a starting NFL running back, and the LA Rams new running back coach, Ron Gould, is a master at recognizing and developing NFL running backs to the best of their ability. And Evans is still quite young, just 21 years old.