Why rookie RB Zach Evans could be better than the brochure for the LA Rams

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Why he will earn playing time as a rookie

What do draft analysts have to say about Zach Evans? There are plenty of strengths and weaknesses for this young man, but here are some of the strengths that not only jump off the page to me but paint Zach Evans as an ideal fit for the LA Rams offense:

"The main appeal with Evans comes from his mix of explosiveness, fluidity, and balance as a runner at over 200 pounds" - per Pro Football Network draft analyst Ian Cummings

"Working his way upfield, Evans becomes an explosive linear runner, showcasing good burst and acceleration. Evans’ speed and acceleration allow for him to rip off big gains and he has the speed to flip field positions with his burst and acceleration. While Evans is an explosive runner, there is also an element of physicality in his game. Evans does a good job of finishing runs. In situations where he needs to finish runs in the hole, Evans will lower his pad level and attempt to run through defenders to pick up those physical yards in between the tackles." - per The Draft Network draft analyst Keith Sanchez 

"Evans has the straight-line speed to outrun angles, and his flexibility allows him to turn the corner on the perimeter and stay near top speed as Evans does; he’s especially effective on fly sweeps." - per NFL Draft Buzz.

"Evans’ career average of 6.9 yards per carry demonstrates his home run ability" - per NFL.com NFL Draft analyst Lance Zierlein

Preseason spotlight will shine brightly on Zach Evans

Do the LA Rams have a glaring void at running back in 2023? No, not even close. The Rams have established featured running back Cam Akers to handle the load. And the Rams coaching staff has simply not stopped raving about 2022 rookie running back Kyren Williams. So how can I believe that Zach Evans has a snowball's chance in hell of getting playing time this year?

RB coach Ron Gould won't be fooled, and he enters the 2023 NFL season with professional skepticism. Players will need to earn their place on the Rams depth chart, and the versatility and production of rookie Zach Evans will quickly endear him to his coach.

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I am already looking forward to seeing Evans carry the football in preseason games. This won't be a case of Evans getting meaningless touches, but rather I believe that he will put up at least one 100+ yards performance. I have no doubt that RB Zach Evans is looking forward to NFL competition. The only question in my mind is: Is the NFL competition looking forward to Zach Evans?