Why Stetson Bennett remains the LA Rams best future QB option

Los Angeles Rams Stetson Bennett
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II: Bennett is at his best when the chips are down

The story of Stetson Bennett's college career have ben watered down by casual commentary, but perhaps this is as good of a time as any to refresh our collective memories of just how and why he had become so revered by Georgia Bulldog fans.

He was a walk-on, the designation for a player who was not signed to play for the team via a scholarship. These players either did not attract attention playing football in high school, attracted attention for some scholarship offers but chose to take their chances at the college of their choice, or simply did not play organized football but though the sport looked like fun and decided to give it a try in college.

Walk-on football players seldom flourish in NCAA football. So the fact that Stetson Bennett ascended to the NCAA Championship starting quarterback for two consecutive seasons is nothing short of hitting the Power Ball lottery. That is the reason that he has become a Georgia Bulldogs legend.

While I have never met or interviewed Stetson Bennett, I can see clear indications of a young man who repeatedly beats the odds.

He has been described as a player who plays with a chip on his shoulder. He earned the college nickname of "The Mailman' because he always delivered. Let's face it, a young man with no scholarship who takes a chance on himself is not 'soft,' as many taunt now. He is a young man who has gotten this far on sheer guts and determination.