Why the LA Rams could be active at the 2023 NFL Trade Deadline

At 1-2, the LA Rams could end up in the NFL Playoffs, or making an early pick in the 2024 NFL Draft. Here are some trade options at the 2023 NFL Trade Deadline to help the Rams to that outcome.
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The LA Rams are to blockbuster trades like preschool children are to mud puddles after a spring rain. You can dress them up. You can tell them not to do it. But turn your back for one second and you will find them jumping right back in with both feet. And for the life of you, all you can do is stand there and laugh.

With a better-than-expected 1-1 start to the 2023 NFL season, the LA Rams faced a crossroads on Monday Night Football in Week 3. The Rams traveled and faced a desperate 0-2 Cincinnati Bengals team, the same team that the Rams defeated in Super Bowl LVI. But now that the Rams lost that one, and fallen to 1-2, this team could still be okay. But there is a slippery slope at play now, and the LA Rams may struggle to climb to a .500+ record team this year. Unless the Rams win against the 2-1 Indianapolis Colts, and enter October 2023 at 2-2, this team has a chance to lose games in bunches.

The LA Rams won in convincing style over the home-field Seattle Seahawks in Week 1. And while the Rams did lose their home opener at SoFi Stadium on Week 2, the Rams were the most competitive team that their rivals, the San Francisco 49ers, faced so far in going 3-0.

Let's make a deal

Is it too early to discuss the possibility of the LA Rams' likelihood to be actively involved at the 2023 NFL Trade Deadline? The simple answer is no. Quite the opposite, in fact. LA Rams GM Les Snead loves the art of negotiating for game-changing players. In fact, the Rams are truly at their wheeling and dealing best when the Rams front office believes that the team is in a position to contend.

And the Rams are every bit a contender if they win in Cincinnati on Monday Night Football.

It is highly unlikely that Les Snead will remain quiet for two years in a row. The question we must really ask is what position the LA Rams will find themselves in by the NFL Trade Deadline on October 31, 2023. Will they be in a position to make a playoff push? Or will they begin dumping capital in order to further what Snead described as a "remodel"?

Regardless of which scenario plays out, the Rams must begin to vet and target an action plan now. After all, a quick glance at the calendar reveals that the deadline is merely five weeks away. And so, the Rams find themselves at a crossroads now with the rapidly approaching decision point at the end of October. What will the Rams do? Let's take a look at four potential trades that LA Rams GM Les Snead could make at the 2023 NFL Trade Deadline.