Will LA Rams DB Nick Scott be the next Rams FA with a new contract offer?

Nick Scott
Nick Scott / Katelyn Mulcahy/GettyImages

LA Rams players have traditionally been rather coveted players in the past, particularly in recent years. But the Rams 2022 NFL season, ending in a 5-12 season, appears to have temporarily squelched the usually high demand of Rams veteran free agents by other teams. Historically, Rams defensive players have been some of the earliest players to reach an agreement on new contract terms. But this year, we are well into the second day of the 2023 NFL Free Agent Market negotiation period. And so far, only placekicker Matt Gay has agreed to a new contract with the Indianapolis Colts.

That may be changing now. The NFL Free Agent Market has been drawing down the top players. But the LA Rams players have teams that are interested, but not to the point of reaching agreeable contract terms. One such player is Rams safety Nick Scott. While he is a fan favorite, he has plenty of admiration from other NFL teams as well. One such team is the New York Giants, who have been in contract talks with several safeties. But they have a keen eye towards Rams' Nick Scott too:

Scott is a player we have projected to come in around $3.8 - 5.0 million per year. A player who the Giants like at the same level, Cincinnati Bengals safety Vonn Bell, just agreed to a three-year deal for $22.5 million to play for the Carolina Panthers. That is significantly higher than our estimated contract for Scott, which could prompt the Giants to act quickly on agreeable contract terms.

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Is something happening on that front? Moments before this article was published, Nick Scott shared a cryptic Tweet. In the past, players who use the 'wide open eyes,' gif typically has meant that some exciting news is about to be shared.

Will Nick Scott agree to contract terms with a new NFL team? If so, and if that is the surprising news right now, I'm of the opinion that he is not talking about a contract offer from the LA Rams. If his contract comes in as expected, or even slightly higher, that could trigger the NFL algorithms to award the LA Rams a second projected compensatory 2024 draft pick. Like Matt Gay, this projected pick would also fall in Round 6.

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If Scott does agree to contract terms with a new NFL team, it will place even more pressure on the LA Rams front office to address the secondary. While the 2023 rookie class appears to be well stocked at the cornerback position, the number of suitable safeties in the 2023 NFL Draft is a bit more limited and selective.