Will the LA Rams pay WR Odell Beckham Jr.'s price between $4-20 million?

Odell Beckham Jr.
Odell Beckham Jr. / Harry How/GettyImages

The LA Rams are not exactly flush with disposable salary cap funds right now, but if the right player does show up, they can do whatever is necessary to free up that space today. But the price of doing so means paying the price tomorrow, and the Rams front office appears to be holding the line on committing future dollars for today's players. For now.

But the LA Rams may be prompted to come out of their currency coma in order to sign former wide receiver Odell Beckham Jr. Right now, OBJ is a free agent, is healthy, and is looking for a new roster. He is not seeking up to $20 million per year as some have reported, but he is not signing for $4 million a year either:

And so, the NFL rumors do not always get it right. But keep in mind that teams that want to sign OBJ would be happy to 'leak,' information that his asking price is so high, if for nothing else than to limit the number of NFL team suitors eager to sign him. Right now, there are plenty of teams who are showing interest, including the Kansas City Chiefs, the New York Jets, the Dallas Cowboys, and the Baltimore Ravens.

Jets scavenger hunt for Aaron Rodgers includes OBJ

Keep in mind that the Jets, eager to acquire Green Bay Packers quarterback Aaron Rodgers, have been shopping for receivers that he would like on the team. OBJ is one of them.

The interest by the LA Rams in re-signing OBJ remains strong. But, like many veteran who now realize that the LA Rams are rebooting their roster, I don't think that the interest is mutual. Right now, Beckham is seeking what could be the last contract of his prime NFL playing days. So his objective is not just to get paid, but to compete for championships in the process.

That is not the LA Rams current trajectory.

Some will be angered at Odell Beckham Jr. if he is not eager to return to the LA Rams roster. I'm a bit more pragmatic. NFL Players have a short window in which they can realistically contribute to an NFL team's quest to win the NFL Championship. The LA Rams benefitted from that when starting quarterback asked to be traded to a competitor, an action that ultimately landed him on the LA Rams roster.

I don't think that the LA Rams can ask more of a guy who lay injured on the football field in Super Bowl LVI, not knowing when he would play again, but having given his all to help the Rams win. OBJ is 30 years old and coming off another ACL injury. Despite the rhetoric, NFL teams do not pay for lengthy contracts on players with those factors.

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Odell Beckham Jr. wants a multi-year deal at a decent compensation with a contender. Perhaps the LA Rams front office could scramble and shift stacks of cash around to have the means to sign OBJ to a lucratice multi-year deal. But as far as a contender? I'm not of the opinion that winning Super Bowl LVIII is the main goal of the LA Rams in 2023. That may be the determining factor that disqualifies the LA Rams from the list of NFL teams that OBJ will play for in 2023.

I would love to have OBJ back on the Rams roster. But I get it. The Rams are hitting the reset button, and who knows what the team will have to compete with in 2023? OBJ left it all on the field for the LA Rams in Super Bowl LVI. He has a right to chase a paycheck and a championship now.