With Bobby Wagner's release, are any LA Rams veterans safe?

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Rams defense ideally suited for 2023 makeover

The LA Rams' defense, while not as challenging as the Rams' offense, did have its own set of disappointments. And it also had its own set of numerous injuries that were seldom noticed by NFL headlines or fans. How many games did starters miss? Let's look at the absences of veterans from the Rams' starting lineups (rookie OLB Daniel Hardy included):

  • Posn Name
    NT Greg Gaines - 1
    S Nick Scott - 1
    S Taylor Rapp - 1
    CB Troy Hill - 5
    CB David Long - 5
    DL Aaron Donald - 6
    DE A'Shawn Robinson - 7
    DL Bobby Brown - 6
    OLB Daniel Hardy - 11
    S Jordan Fuller - 13

It's quite clear that the Rams starters created headaches for DC Raheem Morris simply from the fact that so many starters or key contributors were unable to suit up for the defense. Now, there is no comparison to the ravages incurred on offense by injuries, but the point is merely to point out that the Rams entire roster was hammered hard by a lack of durability

Stafford will have another year to lead the offense.

So why will the defense be the focus on the initial makeover? It was clear that the Rams' skilled positions on offense remain among the best in the NFL. The offense is built to suit veteran quarterback Matthew Stafford, and there truly is no better connection than Stafford throwing to WR Cooper Kupp. But the Rams offense is the invention of LA Rams head coach Sean McVay. In 2020, we witnessed that the Rams are more likely to initiate drastic changes to the defensive side of the football while tweaking and massaging the offense in a more positive direction.

Drastic changes are already underway for the LA Rams defense. By releasing veteran inside linebacker Bobby Wagner, the Rams not only save money, but have placed everyone on notice that not even the best tackler on the roster is immune right now. That means a great deal as the team is just a couple of weeks away from the start of the new NFL season. Are there more changes on the way?