With Bobby Wagner's release, are any LA Rams veterans safe?

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The truth is that the LA Rams appear to be conceding to a multi-year rebuild for this team by acknowledging the willingness to discuss trading their star defensive back Jalen Ramsey before the 2023 NFL season starts. While Rams rumors over trading DB Jalen Ramsey do not equate to a done deal, it does mean that the neon sign 'open for business,' is illuminated. And folks, there are no shortage of teams willing to talk to the Rams to determine what the market price is for a top-tier defensive back.

We have playfully named five teams that could be in the discussions of Super Bowl LVIII competitors if that team trades for DB Jalen Ramsey, but the truth of the matter is that the number is likely to be triple that of our original article. Whether the team is a young team trying to learn how to win big games or a veteran team that is oh-so-close but needs that one elite player to get them over the hump, Jalen Ramsey makes almost every other team better. Even NFL teams like the New York Jets or Carolina Panthers do have a foundation to believe that trading for Ramsey now will fast-track their path to the NFL Playoffs.

It will come down to which NFL team wants Ramsey badly enough. We listed the Vikings, Chargers, Chiefs, Lions, and Jaguars as potential landing spots for Jalen Ramsey. NBC Sports NFL Insider Peter King also mentioned the potential trade for Jalen Ramsey, and he believes that the Bills, Chiefs, and Cowboys are very interested in adding him to their roster.

NBC Sports NFL Insider Peter King also believes that the Rams could net a 2023 first-round pick by trading Jalen Ramsey.

My projection is the Rams could get something between a low first-round pick this year (Dallas, Buffalo, and Kansas City could be interested, and pick between 26 and 31 overall) and a package of picks — perhaps a low two this year, and a fourth-rounder this year or next, that could rise depending on performance or play-time markers Ramsey could meet,” - Per Peter King in his latest FMIA: The Scourge of Draft Desperation and The Combine Without a Sure Thing. And in that article, King suggests that the Rams are in fact in rebuild mode.

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Rebuilding is an odd term to associate with the LA Rams. This team has, for all intents and purposes, been able to repair their high-flying airplane in the air without ever touching down. But the messaging this year is that the Rams have gotten as far as the team can by doing things as is. Now, the Rams will be remaking a brand new strategy.

And in the process, nobody's job is secure any longer.