With Rams roster(s) set, how do we feel about LA Rams chances this season?

Los Angeles Rams Sean McVay
Los Angeles Rams Sean McVay / Dustin Bradford/GettyImages

The LA Rams have come quite a long way, baby. And yet, after a complete metamorphosis that has transformed a defending "Run it back!" Super Bowls Champion team to a rookie bursting roster, the LA Rams are a completely new team. Yes, if you dig down, you will still find that this team is powererd by veteran quarterback Matthew Stafford and wide receiver Cooper Kupp on offense, and by All Pro defensive tackle Aaron Donald on defense.

By, much like that 1960s show about the FBI, the names around them have 'all been changed to protect the innocent.'

But let's get ready for the 2023 NFL season with the broadcast of Between the Horns with J.B, D'Marco Farr, and Stu Jackson:

They were quick to point out how different the Rams OLB looks this season. The Rams' defensive line is a bit unfamiliar this season as well. Finally, they pointed out that this offense will be strong on the offensive line and that the Rams will counting on backup quarterback Stetson Bennett.

So what are our takeaways?


Run Defense - The LA Rams may miss the run stuffing ability of DL A'Shaun Robinson and Greg Gaines this year. While the Rams are optimistic over DL Bobby Brown III, the truth is that he has huge cleats to fill this year.

Pass Rush - It's tough to see the Rams' defense getting the job done up to their normal standards. The Rams pass rush has a huge climb to get to 50+ sacks this season. While that will pose a huge problem, it's not something that the Rams will be surprised about.


Rams offense - On paper, the LA Rams offense appears to be the little engine that could. Without a strong defense, and a huge sack of question marks over special teams, the Rams offense will need to put up as many points as they can. I think that the Rams have an opportunity to re-emerge as an offensive force to be reckoned with.

Rams secondary - While the Rams entered the 2023 off-season with no returning starters from the beginning of the 2022 season, this secondary somehow cobbled together a pretty impressive group. The Rams added a number of inexpensive but high-value players in veteran DB Ahkello Witherspoon and DB John Johnson III. In fact, I believe that the Rams' secondary may be significantly better this season.

Rams backup QB - Last, but not least, I like the LA Rams' investment in a solid backup quarterback in Stetson Bennett. While he may not have All-Pro potential this season, I would not be shocked if he falls into the spectrum of a Gardner Minshew type quarterback if opportunities come his way.

Hot. Do you believe in Rams backup QB Stetson Bennett?. The LA Rams believe Stetson Bennett is ready to be QB2. Do you?. dark

No, the LA Rams are probably not a Super Bowl contender this season. But that's okay if you understand that the Rams are simply regrouping for another Super Bowl run in the future. It's no challenge if it simply happens without effort. The LA Rams will be tested on practically each and every play this season.

Still, I think that this Rams team will improve each week. and will be quite competitive by season's end.