With UFL ending, Rams should consider signing these UFL stars

UFL Arlington Renegades, DC Defenders
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The LA Rams may have a full roster, but if a player displays a highly competitive personna, should the team make room to get a more direct and first-hand opportunity to witness, coach, and analyze that player? Well, that's the dilemma facing the team's front office right now, as the UFL spring season of football has come to a close, and the stars of the UFL are done until next season.

And I have to say that some players certainly put on a great show in the inaugural season of the newly formed league.

While the Rams have concluded OTAs, they still have Mandatory Minicamp, Training Camp, and Preseason games ahead on this summer's football schedule. With so many more sessions to prepare for the 2024 NFL season, if the team should add a player from the UFL, the team would have plenty of time and opportunity to prepare them for what lies ahead. The thing is, do any UFL players warrant consideration? I suspect that some do deserve to be given serious consideration. Here are a few players who could be worth giving a chance:

K Jake Bates

If you recall, kicker Jake Bates is the guy who put the UFL on the radar for many NFL fans. If you need the reminder, Bates kicked 60+ yard field goals in two consecutive weeks, creating a lot of buzz about the UFL and the Michigan Panthers along the way. Rams fans, concerned about the status of the team's kicker situation, were among the most vocal to voice support for the team to sign Bates at the end of the UFL season. But that interest appears to have waned somewhat after the team drafted former Stanford kicker Josua Karty.

OL Bobby Evans

Former Rams offensive lineman Bobby Evans did not have much luck with or after playing for the Rams in four seasons. But he has not faded away as some may have expected. Instead, he has managed to jump-start his football career by outstanding play for the UFL as an offensive tackle. The question is, can he use that positive momentum to relaunch his NFL career?

While the Rams are certainly sorting through a robust roster filled with promising offensive linemen, we cannot overlook the fact that Evans was a plug-and-play starter for the Rams in the past. And the fact that he has demonstrated exceptional play for the UFL could be enough to warrant another chance.

WR Hakeem Butler

If the Rams are still seeking a tall wide receiver, then UFL OPOY Hakeem Butler certainly deserves consideration. Standing 6-foot-5 and weighing 227 pounds, Butler was drafted with the 109th overall pick in Round 4 of the 2019 NFL Draft by the Arizona Cardinals, before he toggled among several NFL teams. He ultimately did appear in two games for the Philadelphia Eagles, being targeted once without a reception. Well, he is catching passes now:

Butler was viewed as a hybrid TE/WR in the NFL, and may possess the traits of both. His breakout performance in the UFL may signify that he is finally ready to tackle the challenges of the NFL. And the Rams certainly expressed plenty of interest in tall receivers this offseason.

And now it seems that former Rams DC Wade Phillips will be lobbying NFL teams to sign Hakeem Butler. I wonder if Coach Phillips has LA Rams GM Les Snead in his contacts list?

DE Breeland Speaks

Even as the roster appears to be saturated with potential pass rushers for the 2024 NFL season, there are plenty of questions surrounding the young players who have mastered the potential but are still learning how to convert that into production. Former Kansas City Chiefs defender Breeland Speaks does not seem to possess that limitation.

Standing 6-foot-3 and weighing 285 pounds, Speaks only lasted one season with the Chiefs, putting up 1.5 quarterback sacks and 24 tackles in 2018. Like many players in this article, he bounced around among several NFL teams, never claiming a roster spot. But now, he has shown up in the UFL spotlight:

Of course, piling up 9.5 quarterback sacks certainly deserves a moment at center stage. Could he deserve a chance with the LA Rams? Well, admittedly the team is seeking players at the defensive end role.

Other UFL sack masters worth considering

Of course, the UFL offers several players who could be worth considering for a role with the team this season. Here is a list of the leagues top sack leaders:

The list may not strike readers as top-end talent, but keep in mind that teams played a 10-game season. Thar works out to just 58.8 percent of the games that NFL teams play. Keeping that in mind, Brahmas OLB Wyatt Ray's 5.5 QB sacks is the NFL equivalent of 9.4 QB sacks. That places him at the same plateau of Rams second-year DT Kobie Turner. That is not too shabby.

While the Rams may or may not offer a contract to any UFL players, some are truly worth considering. And who knows? Stafs of the UFL could become future stars of the NFL too. They simply need an opportunity.

As always, thanks for reading.