You won't believe these quotes from Rams Coach McVay after drafting Jared Verse

NFL Combine - Jared Verse
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The LA Rams fooled a lot of 'draft experts' when the team opted to select Florida State Seminoles edge rusher Jared Verse in Round 1 of the 2024 NFL Draft with the 19th overall pick. But perhaps the team itself was fooled in the belief that Verse would never fall to them at 19. On many draft boards, Verse was projected to come off the board as early as a Top 10 pick of the draft. So why did he fall so far?

It's that mathematics enigma that we cite in each draft. With 25 prospects projected in the Top-20 of the draft, five of those players have to fall out of the Top 20 selections. NFL analyst Matt Miller cited his projection that Round 1 of the 2024 NFL Draft would result in the selection of:

  • 4-5 quarterbacks (six were selected)
  • 7-8 wide receivers (seven were selected)
  • 8-9 offensive linemen (nine were selected)

The 2024 NFL Draft was particularly peculiar in that the first 14 picks were made to select offensive players. For the LA Rams and their extensive shopping list for defensive standouts, the draft could not have started any better.

I guess you're just what I needed

There is a lot to love about the way this team stepped into Day 1 of the 2024 NFL Draft. Despite not having selected in Round 1 since 2016, the team had the patience and finesse of a seasoned veteran. And in the end, the team did not go with dazzle, bright lights, or blockbuster trades. Instead, the team found the greatest player to fit their greatest need, outside linebacker, and pounced on the opportunity to invest in a depleted pass rush.

The defense needed an immediate and significant investment of talent. The pass rush in 2023 was not very effective, and the team suffered a significant setback in 2024 already with the retirement of All-Pro DL Aaron Donald. As if that was not enough, DE Jonah Williams, a starter for the team in 2023, left via free agency as well.

So to get back to the level of 2023, the team needed to carpet bomb the defensive front with multiple selections. The best way to accomplish that was to select an outside linebacker in Round 1, so that is what the team did.