You won't believe these quotes from Rams Coach McVay after drafting Jared Verse

NFL Combine - Jared Verse
NFL Combine - Jared Verse / Todd Rosenberg/GettyImages
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How does HC Sean McVay feel about that first selection?

The real opinion that matters over this team's draft class, and particularly the first-round pick, is that of LA Rams HC Sean McVay. We can give the thumbs up of approval, but it's Coach McVay whose job is ultimately on the line and tied to the performance of the players. So, what did he say?

The comments from Coach McVay were not scripted. He had a lot to say about Florida State's edge rusher Jared Verse, and it true Coach McVay fashion, seems to say a great deal without pausing to breathe in.

So what did Coach McVay say about the guy that gives fans a sense of just how much respect he has for Verse? He shared the following statements that give solid clues:

  • "He seemed to play his best ball as the season progressed" - this is Coach McVay's sharing that Jared Verse never took plays off, and seemed to get stronger and better as the season moved along
  • "You could see that that defense put the team on their back" - this is Coach McVay revealing how Verse and the entire Florida State defense understood the situation and elevated their game accordingly
  • "The way he plays the game. From the first snap to the last snap. He wears people down." - this is Coach McVay's way of turning the focus from the entire defense to Jared Verse, indicating that Verse's physicality takes its toll on offensive linemen throughout the game.
  • "He's physical. He's violent. His football character shows up on the tape." - This is high praise indeed from Coach McVay. He sees the passion and commitment from Verse in studying his footage. That is a huge plus.

So the coach loves the guy. But what do normal fans have to look forward to from Jared Verse in the LA Rams defense?