You won't believe these quotes from Rams Coach McVay after drafting Jared Verse

NFL Combine - Jared Verse
NFL Combine - Jared Verse / Todd Rosenberg/GettyImages
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Athletic and productive

The quatlities about OLB Jared Verse that stand out to me are the fact that he is so very athletic. But more than just athleticism, he has managed to generate consistently high production throughout his college career. How athletic is he?

He is incredibly swift and powerful. Despite modest success at agility drills, he has no problem getting after the quarterback, setting the edge, shedding blockers, or defending the run. So, how excited is he to play for the LA Rams?

Wait until the end for this one, it reminds us of just how powerful being selected in an NFL Draft can be in a player and his family's life. This is one of those video clips that I can play over and over again to get myself hyped up for a new NFL season:

It was the explosion of emotion in the room when Jared Verse turned to this family and friends in the room and said: 'Rams," The emotions of his realized dream to play in the NFL are coming true. And his family members, filled with joy at the news, were so excited over the event that they could not help but burst with happiness.