You won't believe these quotes from Rams Coach McVay after drafting Jared Verse

NFL Combine - Jared Verse
NFL Combine - Jared Verse / Todd Rosenberg/GettyImages
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Rams rally to welcome their new teammate

One of the aspects of a new player's selection to the team is the warmth of welcome that player receives from veterans who have the power to make a rookie's life much easier by reaching out to ensure that they know that they have support in a new city and on the new team.

His new teammate, veteran WR Cooper Kupp, was quick to reach out to Jared Verse. But this was more than a 'welcome aboard' meeting, as he had some words of wisdom to share with his new rookie teammate:

So what about the defense? Nose tackle Kobie Turner was right there as well, happy to be on the phone to his new teammate and welcome him to this team.

Even as the Rams loved the pick, the best part of this selection was the anthology of video clips shown when this selection was made, and it's clear that Jared Verse has some workhorse chromosomes in his genetic structure. He just obliterates offensive tackles with a variety of pass rush moves that often send the offensive tackle backwards crashing into the quarterback.

The Rams truly needed help at rushing the passer, and the comments of two of the NFL's best coaches are swooning over Jared Verse. That says quite a lot about his quality and NFL upside. He will please Rams fans this year, and terrorize opposing quarterbacks.

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