No Nibbles on Top Pick?


With the news coming out this week that the Rams plan to look at both Colt McCoy and Jimmy Clausen, it was assumed that the team was covering their bases in case an opportunity to trade down from the top overall pick became available. However, it is being reported that the team hasn’t heard from anyone interested in acquiring that number one pick. Rams GM Billy Devaney told beat writer Jim Thomas earlier today that the team hasn’t even gotten a nibble from other teams regarding that pick. Devaney went on to say that he believes that there isn’t enough interest in Sam Bradford to entice another team to move to number one to get him. “‘They may be thinking… OK, we may like Sam Bradford a lot, but we like Jimmy Clausen just about almost as much. Why should we give up picks and go up and get St. Louis’ pick?” As far as there not being enough interest in Bradford, I’m not sure if I agree with that sentiment. NFL scouts have been saying for weeks that Bradford is the only franchise QB in this draft, and while Clausen may be most ready to play right away, the crop drops off significantly after those two. If a team really wants a QB, (I’m talking to you Redskins) there is little doubt that Bradford is significantly the best choice. For all you St. Louis fans who are praying for a trade, I wouldn’t give up hope just yet. Bradford is probably going to be the choice, but as the draft nears, expect teams in need of a quarterback to get a bit more desperate.

In other news, several outlets are reporting that the team is nearing a two-year deal with linebacker Na’il Diggs. I mentioned a few weeks ago that Diggs was in town for a visit, and coach Spags is reportedly very high on the veteran due to his versatility at the position, so expect this deal to be announced in the coming days. Like many of the other signings by the team so far this offseason, Diggs will provide some veteran depth on the defensive side but will not be a major impact player. Once again, I like the signing, but I wouldn’t mind seeing the team bring in some impact players in free agency. I know money is an issue, however, so I can appreciate the team trying to get better without breaking the bank.