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Kroenke Decision Coming Monday


While the Rams brass has been off looking at quarterback prospects over the last few days, it has been easy to forget that a pretty huge issue of who will own the team in the near future still remains up in the air. Shadid Khan is still working on getting league approval to purchase Chip Rosenbloom’s 60 percent share of the team, but he may be forced to pony up the entire 100 percent depending on the decision tomorrow by minority owner Stan Kroenke. Kroenke will reportedly make his decision Monday on whether he wants to remain involved with the team moving forward, and this decision could majorly influence the future of the team. There have been some rumblings around the league that Khan is anything but a sure thing to get approval, as some people have questioned the financing mechanisms contained in his proposal. Khan says he has the money to purchase the entire 100 percent share if necessary, but he would prefer that Kroenke stay on as a minority partner. For what it’s worth, sources close to Rosenbloom believe that Kroenke plans on keeping his share, but he is also looking to purchase the Arsenal Soccer Club and could use the money to put toward that project.

So what does all of this mean for the Rams? Well first, it would appear that Kroenke staying on with the team would be very good for our organization and for Khan. If there are questions about his financing plans for 60 percent, I can’t imagine that adding another 40 percent will do anything but hurt his chances. Also, if Kroenke does decide to sell, the league would have to approve that sale to Khan as well, which would be another potential roadblock. Finally, NFL owners, and sports owners in general, are an exclusive fraternity who don’t like to let outsiders in. It looks like Khan already has a uphill battle ahead of him, but having Kroenke, a respected owner in several sports, as his partner can only help his cause as well. While there are some exciting things going on with the Rams right now, we will have to keep an eye on the ownership situation as it plays out over the next few months. The first piece of news is just two days away.