Will St. Louis Rams’ Preseason Struggle Stopping The Run Continue?


Throughout the preseason, if it was one thing that was concerning about the St. Louis Rams, it was their run defense. Although the numbers show that the Rams weren’t that bad in the run game, allowing only an average of 89.8 yards per game and 3.7 yards per carry, the film was a lot worse.

According to Pro Football Focus the Rams had the third worst run defense  and allowed the fourth most rushing touchdowns throughout the preseason. Even though it was only the preseason and some of those yards and touchdowns came against some players who are no longer on the roster, the starting defense struggled to stop the run as well.

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Going into week one against the Minnesota Vikings who just happen to have the league’s best running back in Adrian Peterson, the Rams can only hope that their struggles against the run are behind them. When it comes to going against some of the league’s top running backs, the Rams seem to have difficulties slowing them down, let alone stopping them.

Last season the Rams run defense allowed 175-yards to Damarco Murray and 150-yards to Chris Johnson. The Rams did have their good games against the run holding Marshawn Lynch to only 23 yards, but overall the Rams were inconsistent and had their fair share of poor games.

When the Minnesota Vikings and St. Louis Rams played in the Edward Jones Dome in 2012, the Rams allowed Petereson to run for 212-yards. If the defense has a repeat of that performance, I guarantee you the Rams will lose this game.

In no way, shape, or form are you going to be able to stop Adrian Peterson, he may be one of the best running backs of all-time, but the Rams will need to limited him and slow him down. This game is an important one for the Rams as they will need to start the season on a good note if they have any plans of making the playoffs, however, if they are unable to slow down Adrian Peterson, that may not be the case.