Must Watch Week Four Games For St. Louis Rams Fans


After this weekend 24 teams will have already played a quarter of their regular season games. It seems like the 2014 season just started and we’re already a quarter of the way through with it.

Week four sees the first round of byes, with the Rams being one of the eight teams out of action this week. Although you won’t be able to watch your Rams blow another 21-point lead, there will still be plenty to watch around the NFL

Green Bay Packers @ Chicago Bears

This will be a great division matchup between two teams in the NFC North. The Bears will have a chance to put the Packers on the brink of missing the playoffs in 2014 if they can get a win. Chicago is coming off of two big wins against the 49ers and Jets, but can they beat the team that has given them so much trouble in the past?

The Packers are 1-2 and are what you might want to call a desperate team. Although they could still make the playoffs after a 1-3 start, it would be very difficult. The Packers have been unable to get the run game going this season and have struggled because of it. Will they finally turn things around on the road against their division rival?

This will be a key game for Rams fans to keep an eye on. If one of these teams doesn’t win their division, they will be in hot contention for one of the two wild card spots. For the Rams it would probably be better if the Bears came out on top and put a good team like the Packers in a big hole.

Philadelphia Eagles @ San Francisco 49ers

The Philadelphia Eagles are 3-0 and looking to make their mark atop the NFC. This team has had three come from behind victories and will be looking to get a big win on the road against a team that has been among the elite over the past couple of years.

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The 49ers on the other hand are right in that group with the Green Bay Packers in terms of being desperate. Fall down 1-3 and their is a pretty good chance that this team doesn’t win the division or make the playoffs for that matter. This is a must win game for San Francisco

This will be a huge game for the Rams as it features not only the only NFC West team in action this week, but also two of their next three opponents. Although the Rams play the Eagles next week, it would probably be better for St. Louis if the Eagles won and put the 49ers in a very tough position.

New Orleans Saints @ Dallas Cowboys

If you want to see an offensive showdown, be sure to turn this game on Sunday night. The Dallas Cowboys and New Orleans Saints defenses have been non-existent in 2014. The New Orleans Saints are also in that desperate team group as they surprisingly sit at 1-2.  If this team want to make the playoffs, this is a game that they have to win.

The Dallas Cowboys will be looking to keep pace with the Philadelphia Eagles. This team is finally starting to run the ball more and it is showing in the standings. The Cowboys are 2-1 and will be looking to make a statement against the Saints.

For Rams fans, this will be just a great NFC showdown. If both teams could lose that would be good for the Rams, but because that can’t happen, you might as well cheer for Saints and hope that every Dallas Cowboys offensive play gets flagged for holding.

With the NFL holding its first week of byes, sometimes it can be difficult to find three games that stand out, but these contests should great ones to watch this weekend. The could also have playoff implications down the road as all of these teams were predicted to go to playoffs. Keep your eyes on these games as you enjoy your NFL Sunday Rams Nation!