BREAKING NEWS: Jeff Fisher Names Austin Davis St. Louis Rams Starting Quarterack


Over the past two weeks, who the St. Louis Rams should start at quarterback moving forward has been a hot topic around Rams Nation. Debate after debate, the veteran against the youngster. When all was said and done, Jeff Fisher announced Austin Davis as the St. Louis Rams starting quarterback.

After hurting his thigh in week one of the season, Shuan Hill was unable to go in week two against the Buccaneers and week three against the Cowboys. Therefore Austin Davis took over and nobody could have expected what was to come. Davis lead the Rams to a comeback victory against the Buccaneers, and had the defense shown up against the Cowboys, Davis would be 2-0 as a starter.

Davis leads the league in completion percentage among quarterbacks with more than 100 snaps, completing 72.3% of his passes. With that stat you might think that Davis is checking the ball down, but that isn’t the case. Davis is throwing the ball an average of eight yards per attempt which is the seventh highest in the NFL.

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Davis has ran Brian Schottenheimer’s offense with poise and confidence, making the offense look as good as it has in quite some time. The Rams have been taking shots down the field and Brian Quick has put up good numbers with Davis under center.

Up until this point, as far as we know, Fisher stood by that Shaun Hill was his starting quarterback when he is healthy. Over the bye week and taking some time to reconsider, Fisher must have changed his find and decided to go with the young quarterback.

For now Austin Davis has earned the starting quarterback role for the St. Louis Rams, but that doesn’t mean that it is set in stone, if Davis struggles the Rams still have a viable backup quarterback in Shaun Hill to turn to.