St. Louis Rams @ Philadelphia Eagles Over/Under


It’s finally game day and the St. Louis Rams will play their first road game after their bye week against the Philadelphia Eagles. Before today’s game we will play a little game of over/under. I will list off a category such as passing yards with a number and then place a bet on whether or not the Rams will get/allow more or less than that number. Here we go!

Austin Davis: Over/Under 250 Yards

Two weeks ago Kirk Cousins torched the Philadelphia Eagles secondary for 427 yards and three touchdowns. Austin Davis has played impressive in his first two starts and with his full week of practice and actually being the starting quarterback I believe will benefit Davis.

The Eagles don’t have a good secondary and I believe in Austin Davis. Expect the young quarterback to light it up and maybe even hit the 300 yard mark.

Bet: Over

Nick Foles: Over/Under 250 Yards

Believe it or not the Rams have one of the best pass defenses in the NFL. However, this is not just any ordinary offense. The Eagles have one of the best and most dynamic offenses in the league, and much of that is due to Nick Foles.

Foles had a bad game last week against the 49ers, and against another tough defense in the Rams, I believe he will once again struggle against the Rams. The Eagles normally good offensive line is dealing with injuries which means that Foles could be in a good amount of duress.

Bet: Under

Zac Stacy: Over/Under 100 Yards

Frank Gore rushed for 119 last week against the 49ers. If the Rams can get Stacy going and he gets hot, the second year running back could have a pretty good game. The key will be if the Rams offensive line can get push up front. If the Rams can control the line of scrimmage, Stacy could be in for a good game.

Bet: Over

LeSean McCoy: Over/Under 100 yards

Although the stats say otherwise, the Rams have actually done an alright job stopping the run, its just the one or two big runs that are killing them. The Rams must start being more consistent stopping the run on defense. McCoy likes to look for the big gain, and the Rams can’t give it to him.

McCoy has struggled this season, and with the Eagles offensive line I expect him to have some success against the Rams, but wouldnt expect him to get over 100.

Bet: Under

Brian Quick: Over/Under 50 Yards

If it’s one player who has really came into his own early this season, it’s Brian Quick. The third year receiver is becoming the Rams number one target in the passing game.

Once again, this is an Eagles secondary that can be taken advantage of. Brian Quick showed that he can be a deep threat against the Cowboys, and there is no doubt that he and Kenny Britt can do the same against Carey Williams and Bradley Fletcher.

Bet: Over

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Jeremy Maclin: Over/Under 50 Yards

Janoris Jenkins is becoming a very good cornerback for the St. Louis Rams. Had it not been for a communication error in the secondary, he would have held Dez Bryant to only 21 yard for the entire game. The Eagles don’t really have that number one guy. Maclin has had a good season, but I believe Jenkins shuts him down.

Bet: Under

Rams Defense: Over/Under 2 Turnovers

For the Rams to have any success this season, they are going to have to pickup turnovers on defense. In the first half against the Cowboys the Rams turned two turnovers into 14 points. The Rams are going to have to take away possessions from the Eagles offense and the way to do that is to turn the ball over.

I believe they do get one turnover, but not sure they get to. However, if they do only get one turnover, they are going to have to take full advantage of it.

Bet: Under

Buccaneers Defense: Over/Under 2 turnovers

Once again, for the Rams to win, they cannot turn the ball over, they will need to take advantage of every possession that they get especially when facing an offense like the Eagles. Michael Jenkins already has three interceptions this season which is tied for the league most. Austin Davis is going to have to keep an eye on Jenkins and avoid turning the ball over.

Bet: Under

Rams Points: Over/Under 20 Points

The Eagles defense is sub par at best and although they played well last week against the 49ers, I believe the Rams will get their fair share of opportunities. I expect this game to be a shootout and will take the over.

Bet: Over

Eagles Points: Over/Under 20 Points

The Eagles have scored 20 or more points in 13 straight games and expect them to extend that streak to 14 against the Rams. This is an very good offense and they are going to find away to get points.

Well, there you have it. That is this week’s over under for the St. Louis Rams against the Philadelphia Eagles. Make sure to give us your predictions in the comment section below. As always, Go Rams, and let’s hope the Rams can get to .500 on the season.