Mike LaFleur continues to be name linked to Rams OC role

Mandatory Credit: Mark Konezny-USA TODAY Sports
Mandatory Credit: Mark Konezny-USA TODAY Sports /

With all of the LA Rams job openings on the team’s coaching staff, and with the continuing parade of interviews happening both for Rams coaching positions, as well as by Rams coaches who are pursuing promotions elsewhere, the mishmash of names, coaching positions, and updates can get very convoluted rather quickly.

But through it all, I continue to hear that the Rams have indeed focused on Mike LaFleur as the most likely candidate to hire on with the team as the LA Rams offensive coordinator in 2023. And I am not the only one who is under that impression either:

The challenge in trying to nail down the Rams’ coaching hires is due to the simple fact that the Rams may have made decisions, but historically do not announce their decisions until all positions have been filled.

And what about other coaches whose names have been linked to the LA Rams? Such rising NFL star coaches as Philadelphia Eagles quarterback coach Brian Johnson, former Indianapolis Colts offensive coordinator Marcus Brady,  and former Denver Broncos offensive coordinator Justin Outten have all been interviewed or are about to be interviewed by the LA Rams for an opportunity to hire on with the coaching staff.

But are we certain that all are in line for the offensive coordinator role? I’m not so sure. The Rams have far too many positions to fill simultaneously to be stuck in the pursuit of one role, and not be making progress on the other positions. There are a lot of positions to fill on the LA Rams coaching staff, and more vacancies may appear if the Rams lose DC Raheem Morris, RB/TE coach Thomas Brown, DL Coach Eric Henderson, or even QB coach Zac Robinson.

So yes, the LA Rams are interviewing a number of candidates. But I’m leaning toward the Rams earmarking Mike LaFleur as the offensive coordinator role right now. Just jot that down for now and let’s see what happens . . .

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