St. Louis Rams vs San Francisco 49ers Over/Under


It’s finally game day and the St. Louis Rams will play their first division game of the season after two tough losses to the Eagles and Cowboys. Before today’s game we will play a little game of over/under. I will list off a category such as passing yards with a number and then place a bet on whether or not the Rams will get/allow more or less than that number. Here we go!

Austin Davis: Over/Under 250 Yards

The 49ers have one of the best pass defenses in the NFL. Davis has been good through four weeks but he has yet to see anything like what he is about to against the San Francisco 49ers. I think we see some of Davis’ inexperience tonight. Im taking the under.

Bet: Under

Colin Kaepernick: Over/Under 250 Yards

Believe it or not the Rams have one of the best pass defenses in the NFL giving up only 192 yards per game this season. The 49ers have a versatile offense, but Kaepernick’s strength doesn’t come when he is throwing the ball. I believe the Rams do a good job of containing the 49ers quarterback.

Bet: Under

Zac Stacy: Over/Under 100 Yards

Not only do the 49ers have one of the best pass defenses in the league. they also have one of the best run defenses giving up only 77 yards per game. Stacy’s best games was week two against the Buccaneers in which he rushed for 71 yards. Last season Stacy’s best performance against the 49ers was a 72 yard game in week 11.

Bet: Under

Frank Gore: Over/Under 100 yards

Frank Gore has had two straight 100 yard games and the Rams have one of the worst run defenses in the NFL. The Rams contain Gore for most of the game, but I believe he will get one or two big runs and that will be enough to take him over the edge and get him to the century mark.

Bet: Over

Brian Quick: Over/Under 50 Yards

If it’s one player who has really came into his own early this season, it’s Brian Quick. The third year receiver is becoming the Rams number one target in the passing game. Once again, the 49ers have a good pass defense,, but I believe Quick will get his targets and will get his yards.

Bet: Over

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Anquan Boldin: Over/Under 50 Yards

If its one player that the Rams absolutely could not stop last season, it was Anquan Boldin. This Rams defense is different than last year however in which the cornerbacks are actually a strength on the team. I believe the Rams will contain Boldin and keep him under 50 yards.

Bet: Under

Rams Defense: Over/Under 2 Turnovers

The Rams have done a good job getting turnovers this season getting three last week and two the week before. Once again I think the Rams get their turnovers and intercept Kaepernick twice. Anything above that would be a bonus. For betting sake, Im going to take the under as the 49ers have only turned the ball over five times all season.

Bet: Under

49ers defense: Over/Under 2 turnovers

Like I said earlier, I believe we will see Austin Davis‘ inexperience show against the brutal 49ers defense. It would not surprise me if he threw two interceptions and then fumbled once or twice as well especially with the Rams offensive line.

Bet: Over

Rams Points: Over/Under 20 Points

The Rams have not score 20 points against the 49ers since the two teams tied in 2012. I think the Rams offense has its fair share of problems and fall short of 20 points.

Bet: Under

49ers Points: Over/Under 20 Points

The 49ers have scored more than 20 points in three of the last four meetings against the Rams and two straight. I think that streak continues Monday Night.

Well, there you have it. That is this week’s over under for the St. Louis Rams against the San Francisco. Make sure to give us your predictions in the comment section below. As always, Go Rams, and let’s hope they can honor the Greatest Show on Turf and get back in the win column.