Can The St. Louis Rams Finish 8-8?


After losing to the Arizona Cardinals 12-6 on Thursday Night Football, the St. Louis Rams fell to 6-8, and with that, their hopes of a winning record for the first time since 2003 were gone. However, the chance to finish 8-8 and improve off of last season is still there.

If the Rams are able to get to 8-8, it would be the first time since 2006 and second time since their last winning season in 2003, the other occasion being in 2004.

The Rams have two games remaining with the New York Giants coming up this Sunday and then the Rams will finish the season in Seattle for the fourth time in five years. Although the Rams should be able to win their home finale against the struggling Giants, getting a win in Seattle will be easier said than done.

The Giants come in at 5-9 and have struggled for much of the season. After beating the Atlanta Falcons and moving to 3-2 in early October, the Giants lost their next seven games. New York has won their last two against Tennessee and Washington.

This will be the Rams last home game of the season, and with the defense playing the way it has, it would not be surprising if the Rams don’t allow a touchdown for the fourth consecutive game.

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Where things will get more difficult for the Rams is when they travel to Seattle to finish the season. Although the Rams did beat the Seahawks earlier in the season, this game is in Seattle and in the last meeting, it took a few special teams miracles to pull out the win.

However, if the Seahawks beat the Arizona Cardinals this week, the Seahawks will be in control of the number one seed on the NFC headed into the final week. Therefore if the Rams do sweep the Seahawks and win in Seattle for the first time since 2004, when the Rams beat the Seahawks three times that year, the Rams could play the role of spoilers on their way to 8-8.

While Rams fans would like to see an 8-8 record, 7-9 for a third straight season seems to be more likely. As disappointing or frustrating as that may be, one thing that is for sure, is that this team is closer than it’s ever been in the last decade to being a viable contender.