St. Louis Rams are Making a Playoff Push


St. Louis Rams fans have been patiently waiting for “the year”. After drafting Bradford in 2010, fans were told to “trust the process” and let the team develop. After a few mediocre years and a coaching staff overhaul, fans were still left in limbo about the team developing.

Things are obviously changing though.

After observing the first initial moves the Rams have made in free agency, they have made it abundantly clear that they are making a heavy playoff push.

It makes complete sense. Fisher and Snead have got to be facing some heavy pressure from the owner, fans, players, and anyone else involved to finally break the .500 record and give the team a chance at the playoffs. So are they making the push? Does it make sense? Are they a playoff team?

Yes. Yes. Yes.

The Rams have had their share of bad luck over the past few seasons. Besides being in the best division in football, (arguably) they have also been using backup quarterbacks and adjusting to a new coaching staff for the last couple of years. Which is a shame. If you take away Bradford’s injury both in 2013, and 2014, this team would be an above .500 club. Sure the defense wasn’t always consistent, but with a solid quarterback at the helm, the rams could have pushed over the eight win mark.

So it completely makes sense for a playoff push, with Fisher/Snead possibly fighting for jobs, they have made a lot of moves that signal a hard playoff push is the offseason goal. The biggest being the trade for Bradford.

Lets point out the obvious, the office loved Bradford. They built the team around him, let him voice his opinion, and hell, even let him hire the offensive coordinator. (allegedly) So why the trade? Fisher CANNOT rely on Bradford to stay healthy again, it just wasn’t an option.

No one can really blame him, but the idea of betting his job against an injury prone quarterback just wasn’t in the cards for a playoff push. So what does he do? He turns down a late first round pick offer for a chance to get an established quarterback who has playoff experience. Enter Nick Foles stage Right.

Fisher then uses the newly acquired cap space to good use, signing Lance Kendricks to a four-year deal. Who I might add is a great run-blocker and reliable red-zone threat. Fisher then goes out and signs Akeem Ayers, who has experience in Williams system previously, making it not only a good signing talent wise, but also eliminating the process of learning the system.

Then, Fisher brings the serious heat. Signing Nick Fairley to a one year prove-it deal. I love this move. Is it necessary? Not even a little, but no one is certainly complaining. It adds another first round draft pick to an already stacked defensive line. Making the total up to five now:

Chris Long: 2008-pick 2

Robert Quinn: 2011-pick 14

Michael Brockers: 2012-pick 14

Aaron Donald: 2014-pick 13

Nick Fairley: 2011-pick 13

So now the Rams have the best Defensive line in football, (notice how I didn’t say “arguably” there”) which will allow them to compete with Seattle’s defense on a very competitive level. Marshawn Lynch will not have a fun day trying to run against any combination of those four. (the loss of OL won’t either, but thats besides the point) Fisher also inked fan favorite Kenny Britt to a two-year extension, and is expected to try to make additional signings at offensive line in a few weeks or less.

The contracts are all short, signalling that Fisher is pushing for a big year this year and expecting to cut loose players in the future. Lets not also forget there is still the draft to handle, as well as plenty of time in free agency for more moves.

This couldn’t have come at a better time for Fisher and company. When looking at the NFC west opponents, it would appear that all of them have taken a step back in some way or another.

Seattle gained one of the best tight ends in football, but also lost offensive line help, and lost key defenders to the eagles and raiders.

Arizona gained some assets, but still lost Dockett and Cromartie in the process. Losing DC Bowls will also not help the defense take any additional steps forward. So even if it’s a small one, it’s still a step backwards for Bruce and his club.

San Francisco has lost half of the team. At this point, it’s a rebuilding year.

So why not load up? The Rams have taken significant steps to move forward. The loss of Kendall Langford was replaced with Fairley, (for less money) and offensive line help is on the way. So Fisher is wasting no time in his attempt to take advantage of the division dropping.

So now comes the golden question of whether or not the Rams are a team that is even capable of being a playoff contender. Are they?

Of course they are!

As stated above, the Rams are possibly a contender last year if Bradford stays healthy. So with the division taking a step back, Foles at the helm, new signings and more on the way, with a draft in a couple of months, and the defense having a full year in Williams system, the Rams are no doubt completely capable of making the playoffs for the first time since 2003.

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