Rams fans ranked 23rd best in NFL


A recent study posted to cbssports.com reported the St. Louis Rams had some of the worst fans in the league. Rams faithful ranked 23rd out of 32 teams. The study comes from the Emory Sports Marketing Blog and was a little untraditional. The study focused on team performance, ticket prices, market population, win-loss records and box office revenue. While attendance at the Edward Jones Dome has decreased in past years, it’s obvious this study is geared to teams in bigger markets.

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The Dallas Cowboys were ranked #1 laying claim to the best fans in the NFL. Given the metrics of the study this is no surprise. Dallas is top market with the largest, and one of the most modern, stadiums in the league. However, team performance has been very average, minus last year’s division title. Rounding out the top five, the New England Patriots were #2, New York Giants at #3, Baltimore Ravens #4 and the New York Jets hold the fifth spot.

There are a few other head scratchers on this list as well. The Chicago Bears ranked #6, ahead of both the Green Bay Packers (#7), and the New Orleans Saints (#8). The Pittsburgh Steelers, a storied franchise with fandom through out the country, finished in the middle of the pack at #14. Teams like the Tennessee Titans (#16) and the Washington Redskins (#15) finished higher than the Seattle Seahawks at #26. One of the most baffling rankings belongs to the Kansas City Chiefs. The Chiefs have been regarded as one the most loyal, and loud, fan bases in the NFL, but somehow they could only muster enough to place them #27 among the competition.

When it all boils down, a team with high ticket prices in a larger market will place better than a good team in a medium to smaller sized market. A better name for this study would have been “What NFL Franchise has the Best Financial Portfolio.” The Rams have a wonderful history. They have seen successes in both Los Angeles and St. Louis. If nothing else, the move made in 1995 only helped to broaden an already excellent fan base. There is no denying the product on the field has been underwhelming in the past 5 years, but a new look defense and some excellent prospects on offense have the fan base giddy once again.