The St. Louis Rams stadium picture is becoming a little more clear


As NFL fans around the country watch the race-like scenario unfold between construction of stadiums, Rams fans can safely say that the speculation of the St Louis Rams becoming the L.A Rams has lingered for some 6 to 8 months by now. However, it would seem that the team driving the stadium in St Louis may have just taken an unlikely step forward.

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Early on during the negotiations between the NFL and the St Louis stadium task force there were large issues surrounding the means to fund the stadium. Back tracking a few months, we saw the public board that owns the Edward Jones Dome file a lawsuit against Governor Jay Nixon, claiming that the proposed funding scheme involving taxpayer’s money was illegal.

It was estimated that the stadium would cost approximately $985 million, with an estimated $250 million coming from the people of St Louis. What added further to the speculation was the fact that Stan Kroenke had purchased a large property in Inglewood California, in hopes to build a new stadium for his NFL Franchise.

Despite the rumours that the Rams are inevitably L.A bound, it would seem that Peacock, Blitz and the fellow St Louis task force have made some considerable progress as a result of the recent announcement. Court Judge Thomas Frawley has ruled that there will be no need to vote on the funding of the proposed St Louis stadium, as John Hunn (St Louis Post-Dispatch) reports:

“Circuit Court Judge Thomas Frawley declared invalid the city ordinance requiring a public vote, calling sections “too vague to be enforced.” The law has so many “uncertainties,” he wrote in his ruling, “their sum makes a task for us which at best could be only guesswork.”

Dave Peacock, leader of Gov. Jay Nixon’s St Louis stadium task force stated; “The court’s opinion is a victory for a bold and promising future for the NFL in St. Louis and the continued rebirth of our downtown.”

After reviewing the stadium proposal, Nixon’s task force are now estimating a total cost of $998 million, with approximately $187 million generated in tax incentives.

Although there are still facts to be clarified and authoritative decisions to be made, this ruling by judge Frawley may prove to be vital in the possible success of the St Louis riverfront stadium. While this news is good for Rams fans in St Louis, there are many mixed reactions about this ruling. Nevertheless, this particular issue regarding the proposed St Louis stadium has fallen in Gov. Jay Nixon’s favor

NFL owners have scheduled a formal meeting next week to discuss the L.A stadium, including the outlying situation of the teams surrounding this proposition, which may give fans from all clubs a better understanding of what the future will hold.

Is there now a more realistic chance for the Rams to stay in St. Louis? Or will this be overshadowed by Stan Kroenke’s Inglewood development and/or the NFL? At this point, it may be hard to see a clear path into the future destination of the Rams, but this court ruling has evened the playing field.