Inside the Rams Week 3 matchup with FanSided’s StillCurtain


The St. Louis Rams enter Week 3 with a record of 1-1 when they host the Pittsburgh Steelers, also with a record of 1-1. Were always striving to get you the best information from the best sources here at Ramblin’ Fan and FanSided, so we called one in to the folks over at to see hat they had to say for themselves, and the Steelers heading into Sunday’s game.

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I spoke with Kimberly Myers, editor of the site, and picked her brain on some of Sunday’s key match ups, players and more. Check the reverse interview on now.

The Steelers have been the tale of two teams this year with a sub-par performance against New England in Week 1, and a dominant showing against San Francisco in Week 2. Which team do you expect to show up on Sunday?

"I know what team I hope will show up, but I’m not sure what to expect. The Steelers have had trouble starting strong the last few seasons and even last year after finishing 11-5 didn’t win back-to-back games until Week 8.I hope the vast difference in the offense being able to finish drives with touchdowns instead of field goal attempts and the defense with tighter communication and an aggressive pass rush instead of the “chaos” and unorganization against the Patriots means the team has been able to identify and correct issues quickly and can push forward and put together wins early."

Running back Le’Veon Bell will make his return to the roster on Sunday. What kind of an impact do you expect him to have in his first game back?

"I expect him to pick up right where he left off last season. He is in ridiculous physical shape and he’s adopted the same type of training and preparation mentality of Antonio Brown where no matter how great you do, you’re always trying to improve. He set the bar pretty high for himself last season but Steelers fans have no reason to think he can’t be even better this season."

The once vaunted Pittsburgh defense is now a shadow of it’s former self. A weak secondary and with LB Ryan Shazier, DT Daniel McCullers and CB Cortez Allen all ruled out for Week 3, do you think they can hold up on Sunday, and over the course of the season?

"It is a shame that Shazier is out for this game. He was a beast on the field against the 49ers racking up 15 tackles (11 solo), a forced fumble and a sack. His absence is greater than the others. Vince Williams and Sean Spence are slated to fill in for Shazier but his athleticism is unmatched.Keith Butler has effectively “dumbed down” the defensive scheme previously ran by Dick LeBeau and has incorporated more of a pass rush attack from the defensive ends rather than counting mainly on the outside linebackers. I think it will work, but it’s not going to bring the glory days of Blitzburgh back overnight. Steelers fans are anticipating a transition with the defense and fully expecting the offense to carry the team."

 If Todd Gurley does go for Sunday’s game, how would you expect the Steelers to game plan for him without any NFL tape on the back.

"It will be tough to game plan against a player in his debut, but the Steelers’ defense hasn’t allowed 100 yards on the ground so far so there’s no reason to think they can’t contain the Rams’ rushing attack even with Gurley."

What is your final prediction for the game.

"I think the Steelers’ offense just has too many weapons and while the defensive line of the Rams featuring Aaron Donald and Chris Long scares me, Ben Roethlisberger is at his best when he’s improvising and a play has broken down. I think the Steelers have the edge and will take this game 37-20."