LA Rams Free Agency: Janoris Jenkins ego is bigger than his production


Anytime Janoris Jenkins wants to talk about life, he heads to social media to speak his mind. Tuesday night featured another night of Jenkins talking about his football career which included a tweet which could be about the Los Angeles Rams offer to him. With that tweet, it does not look like Janoris Jenkins was too happy about the amount the Rams were going to offer him.

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Just a couple of days ago, the “Package Deal” Janoris Jenkins, Trumaine Johnson and Rodney McLeod all took to social media to express their views of how they are a team and loved playing together last year. On one of the Instagram posts, the caption read “Package Deal” with all three of them in the photo, maybe this was a hint to the Rams they all want to come back?

It looks like the Rams got the hint and “have” made an offer to Jenkins, but he was not so happy with the low ball offer from Los Angeles. He took to twitter Tuesday Night to vent out his frustration about the offer.

Now this tweet could mean a totally different meaning but, with free agency hitting, and Jenkins known talking on and off the football, it has to be about an offer. Just something I do not understand, is why even tweet about it. Yes football is business game, but no need to take it so personally and tell the whole world how you feel. He certainly acts like a top corner back. With his attitude he may slowly become a Richard Sherman. I mean just look at Janoris Jenkins Twitter Name: “Mr.Pix6Sh*t” That ego man.

I mean if he strives on that confidence good for him, but sometimes he needs to control himself. When the Rams took on the Vikings last season, they lost 21-18 and could have easily won. It was a horrible game for the Rams, but what did Jenkins care about? Not the record but his own stats.

Janoris Jenkins got a lot of response from that tweet as Rams fans did not care about that number, they only care about the number of wins they currently had so far that season which is completely understandable. Personally I’m not a big fan of football players expressing their own views through social media like this, but that’s just me. I was always a big fan when Chris Long would stop social media during the season. Instead Jenkins will continue to tweet and spread his views like this one.

Hopefully the Los Angeles Rams can lock in Jenkins for a couple of years, but I won’t expect them to waste too much time on him. Just stay away from Twitter for a little and talk things through with the Rams, no need to express “clamp season” every season. Do your job and you will get paid. If you don’t do your job, like in this play maybe that’s why the Rams are skeptical of bringing you back maybe?

Once again these are assumptions of a couple of tweets, could mean something totally different, but something that is true is Janoris Jenkins definitely has an ego. Want some more proof? Check out this photo on is Instagram. 

Stay Tuned for more of this roller coaster ride with Janoris Jenkins.