Should the Los Angeles Rams trade QB Nick Foles?


With the move back to Los Angeles, the pressure will be on the Rams to produce some quality wins this upcoming season. However who is going to lead the Rams’ offense? Currently quarterback Case Keenum seems to be the starting quarterback for week 1, as both Fisher and Snead have hinted at it. Also Keenum has told the media “He wants to become the leader for the Rams” 

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But what if Keenum cannot get the job done? Another option is Nick Foles who was benched halfway through the season last year. It’s very clear that Foles has hit rock bottom with the Rams, and they may not need him this season if the team goes after another QB in Free Agency or the NFL Draft. The Rams may have made a mistake trading for Nick Foles and giving up that extension last August.

If the Rams were not going to use Foles for the future, would another team be interested in a possible trade? According to Ian Rapoport there are a few teams who may be interested in quarterback Foles. Now this does not mean the Rams have official announced Foles on the trading block, just teams who are interested.

For the Miami Dolphins, they have quarterback Ryan Tannehill but he could be on thin ice for his 5th season. Tannehill has yet to reach the playoffs, as the Dolphins have a record of 14-18 the last two years. Tannehill has produce good numbers as of late, but maybe Foles could push Tannehill a little more or even take the starting role from him. I don’t see Foles being a threat towards Tannehill but, maybe to cause drama and “force” Tannehill to step it up.

For the Dallas Cowboys, Foles would play the backup role for the team. Tony Romo has been the quarterback for years, but once he falls to injury, the team basically falls apart. My case in point with looking at last season. Romo has been pushed the shoved the past couple of years, and has a higher risk of injury now. The Cowboys need to have a backup just in case. Dallas currently has the 4th pick in the draft, but it would unnecessary for the team to draft a quarterback. Foles could be a nice backup in Dallas.

Same goes to the Redskins as they will be without backup quarterback Robert Griffin III. If Cousins were to go down with an injury, they must re-fill the backup position where RGIII once was. Cousins does play a huge role with the team as he did indeed lead them to a division title. It’s always nice to have an emergency quarterback just in case.

If the Rams were to put Foles on the market it could make sense for these three teams, but then again the Rams must also have a plan for their own quarterback mess.