Rams should be thankful they don’t have to deal with Janoris Jenkins anymore


The Los Angeles Rams priority over Free Agency was to bring back the whole secondary. Wednesday was a tough day for the Rams as they lost some members of the “Package Deal”. Cornerback Janoris Jenkins got himself the money he thought he deserved with the New York Giants, and Safety Rodney McLeod will start a new future with the Eagles. 

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However they were able to keep cornerback Trumaine Johnson with the Franchise Tag. Over the past two weeks, the “trio” “Package deal” of Jenkins, Trumaine and McLeod expressed their views on social media that they are in hopes of staying together. The end result was the opposite as Jenkins was money hungry, and the Eagles gave McLeod an offer that he could not decline.

McLeod was an all-around great teammate, player and leader on the field. On the other hand, Jenkins sometimes let his emotions get the better of him along with his large ego. Some even said that Jenkins ego is bigger than his production. It was clearly seen that Jenkins was only going to stay with the Rams if they gave him a contract which made him the highest paid cornerback in the league. Jenkins basically laughed at the Rams offer of $9 million a year, and fired his agent because that offer was “ridiculous”

Jenkins would hire Darrelle Revis’ agent, (Revis is the highest paid cornerback in the league) and somehow get the money. The Giants would offer Jenkins 5 years, $62.5 million. Including $29 million fully guaranteed in first 2 years and $40M total in first 3 years. This made Jenkins the 2nd highest paid cornerback in the league. Jenkins may be a big loss to the defense, but the Rams should be thankful they don’t have to deal with Janoris Jenkins anymore.

Jenkins got a taste of the New York Media today, and probably should re-think his next strategy with talking to the media. Jenkins was asked what he needed to improve as a player, his answer well tell me what you think of it.

"“Stop being lazy at the end of games.”"

Oh but it does not stop there. Jenkins was asked again by Dan Graziano to clarify exactly what he meant by “Stop being lazy at the end of games” his response should make you a little upset.

Please remember Jenkins is the now the second highest paid cornerback in the NFL.

There it is Rams’ fans. Jenkins would be lazy and assume the ball is not coming his way. Kind of makes sense on those plays where Jenkins just lets the receiver blow right past him. No need to talk about Janoris Jenkins anymore with his past in St. Louis. Congratulations Jenkins on your very well “deserved” contract, I hope you can learn to stop being lazy in New York.