Are the Los Angeles Rams hinting at possible 2016 uniforms?


With the move back to Los Angeles, Rams fans are hoping for the classic L.A uniform to be brought back and it looks like the Rams are giving some good hints

Once the Los Angeles Rams were official, the number one question that was being asked if they were going to change uniforms or go back to the classic throwback jersey that everybody loves. Two weeks ago Rams Vice President answered that question that the team does not plan to change uniforms until the 2019 season. From Kevin Demoff himself, it looked to be the Rams won’t be changing anything quite soon, but the Rams have been giving some hints throughout social media about the throwback uniforms.

When Demoff was asked why the Rams cannot just change their uniforms for the next season, he responded with “I know there are fans that want to see us go back to our old L.A colors,” It’s not as simple as that.” “The NFL requires teams to submit permission to overhaul uniforms between January and March of a given year for implementation two years after that”

Demoff gave the fans answers and even talked about how he is not a fan of the current jerseys as well. “I don’t particularly love our current uniforms — I know there are a lot of fans who feel that way,” he said. “But the thing that makes the most sense is to keep them in place for now”

It was sad to hear Demoff talk about the long process of the hopeful Rams uniform change, but it’s not as if they are showing off St. Louis colors on social media. About three weeks ago, the Rams launched some Los Angeles Rams gear and front and center was the LA look.

April 4th Vinny Bonsignore of the Los Angeles Daily News took a picture of a very unique helmet that was sitting at the locker of defensive tackle Aaron Donald at the Oxnard Camp. Once again the Rams are now showing off the St. Louis colors, they are showing off the throwback look.

April 5th, Los Angeles Rams Mascot Rampage was seen on the Oxnard Field throwing some passes, and guess what uniform choice he picked out? Of course it’s the classic LA Color. Once again no sight of the current uniform. Why would the Rams keep showing off the LA uniform if they don’t have a plan to do something with it in 2016?

Also the Rams have been live on periscope giving away some Rams gear, and most of it is the classic Los Angeles Rams look. Do the Rams have something planned for the 2016 season? I wouldn’t be surprised if they work out some type of deal where they can wear their throwbacks more than just one game.