Los Angeles Rams will not change uniforms until 2019


The Los Angeles Rams are still checking off their to-do-list and today they let some fans know about the possible uniform change. They have been busy as of late with deals to secure office space for the Rams in Agoura Hills, a training-camp facility at UC Irvine and a temporary practice site at Cal Lutheran for the next three seasons. 

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The team will also start to finalize a deal with the Coliseum to play until at the site until their new Inglewood stadium is ready to open in 2019. With the move back to Los Angeles, the number one question that was asked for Rams Vice President of football operations Kevin Demoff was will they change the uniforms. Demoff, said Monday that the team does not plan to change uniforms until the 2019 season.

“I know there are fans that want to see us go back to our old L.A colors,” It’s not as simple as that.” – Demoff

Fans love the Rams retro blue and yellow jerseys which have been worn about two games for the past couple of seasons. The Rams also had blue and white uniforms in the mid-1960s. With hopeful die-hard Los Angeles fans wanting new uniforms this year, sadly they will have to wait for a couple of years.

“The NFL requires teams to submit permission to overhaul uniforms between January and March of a given year for implementation two years after that” – Demoff 

Even though it does not take more than four years for a uniform change, Demoff does plan to bring up the uniform issue at the NFL owners’ meetings. Demoff said the team would not apply for a change until 2017, putting it on track for implementation in 2019. This would mean once the new stadium is built, the Rams will probably have a new uniforms, logo everything.

"“I don’t particularly love our current uniforms — I know there are a lot of fans who feel that way,” he said. “But the thing that makes the most sense is to keep them in place for now”"

"“The good news is our fans don’t lack passion or input on the uniforms, so when we go to ask for it over the next year, I expect that same passion to come through.” – Demoff"

Another side note, The Rams hope to begin processing requests for season tickets in the order they were received the first week in April. Los Angeles took in over 56,000 season ticket deposits.