Rams Fans Are Excited To See Their Team Back In Los Angeles

Apr 28, 2016; Los Angeles, CA, USA; Los Angeles Rams fans pose at 2016 NFL Draft Party at L.A. Live. Mandatory Credit: Kirby Lee-USA TODAY Sports
Apr 28, 2016; Los Angeles, CA, USA; Los Angeles Rams fans pose at 2016 NFL Draft Party at L.A. Live. Mandatory Credit: Kirby Lee-USA TODAY Sports /

With over 56,000 fans making a deposit for season tickets, it was worth noting that Los Angeles will be having some happy fans back in the Los Angeles Coliseum. With the move back to Los Angeles, the Rams will also be featured on the HBO hit show ‘Hard Knocks’. Where NFL Productions films a team throughout their training camp.

This week, the Los Angeles Rams front office made the announcement that there are in the process of calling  anxious Rams fans to get a hold of possible season tickets. With that in mind, I went over to the popular Rams Fans Groups on Facebook, Rams Club, and Die Hard Rams Fans, and asked fans a couple of questions about the move back to Los Angeles and season tickets opportunities.

The fans who were interviewed are, Rob Markel, Mike StevensJohn KauffmanJeff Cameron and Kim Teller Nuques. My questions will be in bold, while in the answers will be in light gray. Enjoy.

How long have you been a Rams fan? Greatest moment so far watching them?

"“I was born in 1969. My first game was at the Coliseum vs the Packers and I was hooked ever since. My dad had tickets at the Coliseum so we went to every game. When they moved to Anaheim I got tickets and only missed one game while in Anaheim and that was 11/8/92 (day my son was born. They lost to the Cardinals). I just don’t miss games. My most exciting moment was easily being in Stl with my dad when the Rams beat TB to go to the SB. Winning the SB was close 2nd but since I was at the game vs TB it meant a lot.” – RB"

"“I have been a Rams fan since childhood, 1963. What made the Rams part of my heart and soul was when my mother bought me a kids Rams uniform. Greatest moment, oh there are many, of course the Superbowl win, the day eric broke OJs record ( I was at that game ) and every time we beat the Seahawks, 49ers and the Cowboys.” – MS"

"“Since 1968. Kurt Warner 1999 game one against the 49ers. I live in the SF Bay Area and to this point I’d been constantly haunted by the Niners always beating us. To finally be able to watch them was great but, best of all was to finally see the Rams have a QB that would stand in the pocket and deliver the ball” -JK"

"“I have been a Rams fan my entire life. I grew up watching games at Anaheim stadium with my father and went to Rams games almost every year in STL. My greatest moment watching the Rams was Kurt Warners throw in the NFC championship to Rickey Proehl to beat the Bucs. Seeing how excited my dad is my favorite memory as a kid.” -JC"

"“Born a Rams fan! 1981! By my first Rams game I was 5 years old at Anaheim stadium haven’t missed a game since… The greatest moment watching them was Mike jones stop at the 1 yard line In SB 34!! Then all the confetti coming down” -KTN"

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When you heard the Rams were coming back to Los Angeles, what were your first thoughts/emotions?

"“I’ve been following this Rams situation very closely for the last few years when I realized they actually had an out clause in Stl and that a return to LA might be an option. The day of the vote was a nightmare because the early morning vote of the owners went against the Rams and it looked like SD/Raider plan might win. Then later that day when I heard Jerry Jones got the attention of the owners and made them realize Kroenke was the guy to make LA happen I was beyond excited. I was at home when I watched Goddell announce the Rams were officially coming home. I’m not going to lie both my son and I got a little emotional. The Rams are huge part of our lives. It will be great to see them live playing in the city that they belong in once again.”- RB"

"“The move back home, just pure joy. I have been to STL for games and it was a good run, but there is no place like home” -MS"

"“I had been following the talk and rumors since they started so, when the final word came in I really felt relief and thought my Boys are coming home. Anxious to see what they would do to improve the team. I’ve been very impressed so far.” -JK"

"“Excited beyond belief. I have worn Rams stuff my entire life and continue to wear old Rams gear my dad had when he was younger. I have worn Rams stuff everyday since the announcement.” -JC"

"“My first thoughts when I found out they were coming back brought back a lot of my childhood memories at the stadium with my parents …. Now I will get a chance to take my 2 boys to the games. A full circle! It is surreal” -KTN"

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Most of these fans are in the process of waiting for season tickets, as they told me going to Rams games have always been a family history/tradition. Even if they are unable to get a hold of season tickets, majority told me they will still be buyers of single game tickets. Before the interview ended, I asked them one last question.

What current Rams players are you most excited to see in Los Angeles?

"“I’m a Rams fan so I root for just about every player on the team. I’m not one of those fans that likes to complain and dislike players although I’m not a very big fan of Foles. Donald, Gurley, Goff, Austin, Quinn, McDonald, etc. Love them all! I am hoping to see a huge improvement from Greg Robinson. I’d also like to see Saffold stay healthy for a whole season. Hoping to see Quick show some of what he was before he blew the shoulder out a couple years ago. Hoping Goff is the real deal which I think he is. Rams have a ton of talent it just needs to come together at the same time for them to take the next step and the last few years something has always happened to curtail that.” -RB"

"“What current player am I most excited to see.. Well of course I want to see how the Kid does at QB. we laid alot on the line for this. And of course GURLEY the beast.. I also want to see how Fisher does with his homecoming. These are Exciting times for our Rams… THE LA RAMS… The next SHOWTIME!!!!” -MS"

"“Jared Goff, Bradley Marquez, Todd Gurley, Tavon Austin” -JK"

"“I am excited to see Case Keenum and Jared Goff. These were my favorite QBs to watch is college and now seeing them together is exciting.” -JC"

"“I am excited to see all of the players ! But if I had to pick a few… I’ll go with.. Of course TG… AD… And funny guy Trickster Hekker!!!!” -KTN"

Thank you for these fans who took time out of their day to answer some questions about the Rams return to Los Angeles. Want to be a part of the next Ram Fan Interview, follow me on twitter @alexalarcon49 for updates for the next one.