Best and Worst Case Scenarios for the LA Rams


Predictions this early in the year are rather dubious because there are still countless uncertainties surrounding the Rams. However, the best and worse case scenarios are more plausible than your generic record predictions because these scenarios incorporate player performances and ability to avoid injuries among other things, thus making it more accurate. Let’s take a look at the Rams’ best and worst case scenarios.

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Best case: The success of their offense hinges on the performance of Jared Goff. All signs point to his early progression which would thus make him the starter Week 1. The best case suggests Goff will meet or exceed expectations, opening the run game and, coupled with an improved offensive line, propel Todd Gurley to an NFL rushing title and a top 10 offense. Tavon Austin finally gets the touches he’s so desparatley needed, becoming one of the game’s most lethal threats, and heading a vastly improved receiving corp. On the other side, Aaron Donald continues his dominance against the run and posts more than eight sacks despite seeing double teams on the majority of his snaps. The rest of the defensive unit doesn’t miss a beat, shutting opponents down and giving their offense added opportunities. The Rams are able to play the NFC West tight and manage a 4-2 record against divisional opponents as they finish 10-6 and advance to the divisional round of the playoffs before their youth catches up to them.

Worst case: As I mentioned before, the offense goes as the quarterback goes. Therefore, the worst case scenario sees Goff unable to beat out Case Keenum for the starting nod. The Rams’ start to the season proves to be a debacle, and Goff is forced to play as early as Week 4. He is unable to provide much more of an upgrade as the offensive line regresses and Gurley becomes the workhorse he’s not designed to be; the receiving corp fails to provide Goff with the necessary assistance. Defenses have loads of flexibility to prepare and game-plan for their offense as they fail to be any more effective than they were last season. The other side of the ball is forced to win them games yet again, proving to be too much as injuries continue to ravage the unit. Los Angeles posts a discouraging 2-4 record against NFC West opponents en route to a 5-11 record overall.