Los Angeles Rams Take the Marvin Lewis Approach With Jeff Fisher After Extension

Despite appearing to be on the hot seat over the last few weeks, the Los Angeles Rams have reportedly signed Jeff Fisher to a two-year extension.

If there was anything to take away from the Los Angeles Rams during the 2016 season, it would be how terrible of a job Jeff Fisher done as all signs point to the head coach finishing the year with another losing record. Even though there were plenty of talks at the beginning of the year for a possible extension, the chances of a deal happening seemed to be a long shot, that is until the last week or so.

Despite how disappointing this season has been for Los Angeles, signs were beginning to emerge when it came to the possibility of Fisher receiving an extension, and then it finally happened on Sunday morning when it was announced the head coach agreed to a two-year extension. Most head coaches in Fisher’s position would have been fired a long time ago, but for some reason the organization is willing to give him another chance to prove himself.

So why did the Rams decide to reward Fisher with an extension despite his inability to post a winning record? It’s hard to determine any positives in this situation, but the one factor that sticks out the most is the hand Fisher was dealt for 2016 along with the potential surrounding Jared Goff at quarterback.

Los Angeles strongly believed at the beginning of the season the one thing holding them back from truly becoming contenders in the NFC was the quarterback position and after moving up in the draft to select Goff along with parting ways with Nick Foles, they finally received an upgrade. Goff may still have plenty of work to do from a development standpoint, but the No. 1 pick finally found a way to spark the Rams’ offense when he threw for three touchdowns in the first half against the New Orleans Saints back in Week 12.

The decision may not make sense at the moment, but it’s clear Los Angeles is taking the Marvin Lewis approach with this situation by keeping Fisher around, despite his inability to win a single playoff game. For the sake of the Rams fan base, let’s hope the organization doesn’t keep Fisher around as long as the Bengals have kept Lewis if the team continues to struggle over the next couple of seasons.

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