The Rams have to get it right with Aaron Donald

The Los Angeles Rams cannot afford to get it wrong with Aaron Donald.

Los Angeles Rams defensive tackle Aaron Donald is waiting.

Rams fan is waiting. The RAMS themselves are waiting.

And so it goes.

Whatever is or is not accomplished this season, short of wins and losses, Aaron’s Donald needs to get paid.

End of story.

For weeks now, as we’ve focused on the offense in Los Angeles and the prospects of quarterback Jared Goff, the simmering pot on the stove has been Donald.

Perhaps the single most valuable commodity in the LA galaxy of stars, between the Rams and Chargers, Trojans and Bruins, is a D-tackle who’s time has come due for a payday.

And it’s a big one.


I won’t kid you, Donald may be the Most Valuable Player, so to speak, in the Rams organization.

But just barely.

Donald can help win games by anchoring a stellar, top five NFL defense. But that is where it begins and ends.

For better or for worse, the most needed player needing to be of MVP quality is whomever takes the bulk of the offensive snaps in LA.

Now don’t be confused: the Rams need Goff to succeed as much as they need to pay Aaron Donald.

In today’s NFL, and with a team in LA who needs to get this and that right, it’s just how it goes.

All that said, LA is stuck between a rock and hard place in needing to take care of Donald, NOW. They need him like they need their respective heart to keep pumping.

And therein lies the rub.

The Rams probably need Aaron Donald way more than they need Jared Goff.

That’s a reality.

If you had to ante up a year’s worth of paychecks right now, who would you back? A guy who hasn’t won, or a guy who can put you in position to win for 16 games?

I’m not saying one or the other, but in that locker room, who are players looking at more, Goff or Donald?

This isn’t long division folks.

One guy can anchor a defense for a decade, another has such a long way to go, that his “upside” has been measured by a great pass completed in OTA’s.

Bottom line, one has delivered while one still hasn’t.

I’ll be honest, the Rams have needed to make something of an anemic offense. But this team’s identity is wrapped more around Aaron Donald than Jared Goff.

Fans know that.

Jared Goff should know that.

The Los Angeles Rams need to write the check that reflects that.

End of story.