Rams release first unofficial depth chart for Week 1 with Austin, not Kupp, as No. 3 wideout

(Photo by Stephen Dunn/Getty Images)
(Photo by Stephen Dunn/Getty Images) /

With their first game of the 2017 NFL season taking place on Sunday against the Indianapolis Colts, the Los Angeles Rams have released their first unofficial depth chart for Week 1.

Los Angeles Rams fans across the country couldn’t be more thrilled with the team finally scheduled to play their first game of the 2017 NFL season against the Indianapolis Colts on Sunday. And with the first unofficial depth chart for the Rams during Week 1 released on Tuesday, there is a bit of a surprise at the wide receiver position.

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For weeks, there was speculation that it would be Cooper Kupp listed as the No. 3 wide receiver over Tavon Austin when seeing the impact made by the rookie during the preseason, but apparently Sean McVay has other plans at the moment. Obviously, Austin has the advantage from an experience standpoint, but that doesn’t mean this decision is likely to stick when taking numerous factors into consideration.

For starters, there’s no telling just how comfortable Austin is going to look in this offense due to missing the entire preseason with a hamstring injury along with spending a majority of the offseason recovering from wrist surgery. And to top all of that off, keep in mind there was questions surrounding Austin’s ability to make an impact on this offense after setting a career high last season with 509 receiving yards, which is pathetic for a player who received a $42 million extension last year.

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As for Kupp, the former Eastern Washington standout wasted no time showing what he could bring to the table during his first two preseason games, and seems capable of topping Austin’s career high of receiving yards as a rookie. Austin may be the No. 3 option at the moment, but it will be interesting to see how the Rams wideout handles the pressure now that he’s got some competition in his rear view mirror.