Los Angels Rams are talented, but also young

(Photo by Ezra Shaw/Getty Images)
(Photo by Ezra Shaw/Getty Images) /

As the Los Angeles Rams moved to 2-1, they also put on a show of offensive talent. They also nearly blew the game with immature mistakes.

Los Angeles Rams head coach Sean McVay know he has a team with a lot of talent.  That is going to lead them to make plays and win games.  Unfortunately, they are also a young team.  They look and play young.  That is going to lead them to make mistakes and lose games.

RB Todd Gurley is talented.  He had the game of his career last night and has tallied six touchdowns over three games, which matches how many he had all of last season.  He is also young and has fumbled in each of the first three games.  He needs to get that figured out.

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QB Jared Goff is talented.  He also played the best game of his career last night and the three best games of his short career are the three games this season.  That is awesome for Rams fans.  He is also young, and if the San Francisco 49ers would have made that two-point conversion at the end of the game, my confidence was not particularly high for Goff leading this offense to win the game in clutch time on the road when the momentum is against him.  Maybe he would have proven me wrong.  Luckily we didn’t have to find out.

WR Tavon Austin is talented, even though he is not living up to his contract or his draft hype.  He is able to be a threat to make big plays every time he touches the ball, and that creates for other plays in this offense, (as an example, did you see how many times they faked the jet sweep when they ran Gurley between the tackles?  Defenses have to account for Austin’s athleticism and speed.)

He is also young.  He muffed a punt which led to points, and he nearly lost a second one in the second half.

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MLB Alec Ogletree is talented.  He is big and fast and can use his athleticism to make plays and get sacks.  He is also young and is too often caught out of position or allowing his coverage assignment to make big plays out of the backfield.

WR Pharoah Cooper is talented.  He has the desire and belief that he can make plays in the kick-return game and the coaches agree.  He is able to bring the ball out of the end zone and provide a spark for the team.  He is also young and coughed up the football on a kick return in a key moment late in the game which opened the door for the 49ers comeback.

The Rams need to maximize their talent and minimize their mistakes.  Better teams will not allow them to get a win after mistakes like that, particularly on the road.  The Rams will grow and mature together.  Can the veterans mentor these young players into veterans?  Let’s hope it happens soon.