Rams will get the uniforms right in Week 5


The Los Angeles Rams will wear throwback gear when they play the Seattle Seahawks in Week 5 at the Coliseum.

Los Angeles Rams players will have colors that match one another when they play the Seattle Seahawks on Sunday at the LA Coliseum. A sample of several internet posts were quick to mention, and accurately so, a color mismatch and overall uniform mismatch in the Rams gear worn when they beat the Cowboys in Dallas.

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This weekend, in another “statement game,” the Rams will wear throwbacks featuring colors that will match.

Last season, in the team’s first year back in Los Angeles since leaving in 1994, local fans were not quiet about the team wearing colors associated with their tenure in St. Louis. This season, the Rams rolled out a new helmet and pants with a single white stripe. What they ignored was a jersey that was a different shade than the new helmet, and still has gold accents that look completely out of place.

Uniforms are what they are, and the throwbacks they will wear tomorrow are closely associated with the team’s tenure when they previously played in Los Angeles. But the Rams squandered an opportunity to get it right last season, and while the new helmet may be the best in the league, it also shows how the organization seems to keep getting these uniforms incorrect.

The plan has been to roll out a new look when they move into the Inglewood facility, now delayed another year. I get that, and from a business standpoint it makes a ton of sense.

But whether the Rams are 3-1, or 1-3, those who make such decisions look like they didn’t think this through.

They didn’t last season either when they completely underestimated the public reaction to wearing St. Louis colors.

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But tomorrow, the Rams will have it right when they play the Seahawks in a critical game in the NFC West.

Win or lose, at least they’ll match.