5-2 Rams shouldn’t overlook the lowly Giants

When the Los Angeles Rams travel east to play the 1-6 New York Giants, LA will be traveling with the unfamiliar companion of loft expectations.

The Los Angeles Rams have the constant companion of loft expectations with them now. Next Sunday, LA will travel across the country to play the 1-6 New York Giants, who also will be coming off of a bye week.

For Los Angeles, this is the kind of game you don’t overlook. As well as they have played at home and on the road, especially on the road, the Rams don’t want to take the dysfunction of the Giants for granted.

New York, who has a world of problems with an offense dead in the water, is certain to make adjustments during the down time, and showed some flashes when the beat the Broncos 23-10 in Denver.

The problem for the Giants is that the Rams aren’t the Broncos.

For the sake of reference, the Rams nearly lost to a still winless San Francisco, when the 49ers hadn’t even managed an offensive touchdown. It took a defensive stop by Aaron Donald to preserve a 41-39, Week 3 win that teetered back and forth all night.

Los Angeles doesn’t need a similar performance.

The Rams are now in the position of having better personnel, especially at certain key positions, than some of their opponents this season.

Against the Giants, Los Angeles will again.

But the Rams shouldn’t take the automatic, check the box ‘W’ for granted, because this is the type of game that can trip up the best of teams.

The Giants would love nothing more than the scalp of an up and comer to perhaps turn around a season circling the drain, even if only for an afternoon.

As “lofty expectations” go, the Rams are now knee deep in them, and a win against New York is now expected.