Rams need to get Watkins involved for second half run

(Photo by Ezra Shaw/Getty Images)
(Photo by Ezra Shaw/Getty Images) /

Will Week 9 finally be the week Jared Goff and Sammy Watkins connect? If LA is to have any hope of postseason play, these two need to finally get it together.

It seems like a lifetime ago when the Los Angeles Rams made what looked to be a great move in trading for wide receiver Sammy Watkins. So good, it started talk that Tavon Austin might be sent packing. In Watson, LA would finally have the big downfield threat that Austin never was, and quarterback Jared Goff would love.

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Problem is, it just hasn’t happened.

For reasons lost on those who follow the Rams, Watkins hasn’t found a groove in the Los Angeles offense, and Goff hasn’t been able to find the touch on his long range ball to utilize such a weapon.

That needs to change for LA to be a factor down the stretch.

Through seven games, Goff to Watkins has been a mirage, making you wonder if the receiver will even be a fixture in Los Angeles beyond 2017. While Goff has certainly found a comfort with Robert Woods and rookie sensation Cooper Kupp, it has yet to develop with the genuine deep threat that Watkins can be.

Week 9 against the New York Giants will show if he will be part of the bigger and expanded game plan this season. While Sean McVay readily concedes that running back Todd Gurley will see his workload increase, little talk has been if, and when McVay, Goff, and Watkins will get on the same page of the Rams offensive playbook.

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They will need to if the Los Angeles Rams are to move beyond being just a nice story, and become a legitimate playoff team and contender in the NFC West.