Game Recap: Rams lose at Minnesota 24-7


The Los Angeles Rams saw a winning streak come to an end today, as the Minnesota Vikings would beat them in Minneapolis, 24-7.

Minneapolis was where the Los Angeles Rams win streak would end. The Vikings would hand LA a 24-7 loss, that only affirmed the home team won and the road team lost.

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Beyond that, you’ll not find much that says either team is better than the other.

Rams quarterback Jared Goff had a decent day, going 23 of 37 for 225 yards. He’d throw for zero touchdowns and no interceptions.

As for the Vikings Case Keenum, his day was very similar, posting a stat line of 27 for 38, 280 yards and a touchdown.

Without a final score, you’d likely not know who did or did not have the better game.

Rams at Vikings was more about the defenses than anything else. For Goff and Keenum, it was a remarkably pedestrian performance by two quarterbacks who had similar days. If you were looking for something that said one was better, you simply won’t find it.

With the loss, Los Angeles moves to 7-3 while Minnesota moves to 8-2, begging the question:

Are the Vikings better than the Rams?

Today decides nothing.

The Rams haven’t had a loss since Week 5 against the Seattle Seahawks. If you’re thinking they were just due, that the Los Angeles offense was due to lay an egg, than today was your day.

Minnesota will move into the elite discussion of Super Bowl contender, while the Rams will be on the next line of “maybe” and “hopeful.”

For fans looking for affirmation of Goff versus Keenum, keep looking.

For those wondering if Los Angeles or Minnesota is a Super Bowl contender, the answer is “yes” and “maybe,” just not necessarily in that order.

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The Rams host the New Orleans Saints next week in Week 12 at the Los Angeles Coliseum.