Rams Goff will feel the pressure as season grinds on


Los Angeles Rams quarterback Jared Goff is having a nice season in 2017. But as potential grows in LA for the postseason, so does the pressure to be the “franchise type” QB the organization traded up and drafted for.

Los Angeles Rams second year quarterback Jared Goff wasn’t necessarily awful in Week 11 when he and LA lost to former bestie Case Keenum and the Minnesota Vikings 24-7. His line was a pedestrian 23 of 37 for 225 yards.

Nothing extraordinary, nothing to be worried of.

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Or is it?

If the Rams have seen flashes of a ‘would be’ franchise type quarterback, you’d get no argument from me or Rams fans in general. But if Goff and the Rams are to take that next step from dumpster fire, to respectability, to playoff contender, to Super Bowl contender, 23 of 37 for 225 with zero touchdowns won’t get it done.

He’ll also have to beat the big boys, which hasn’t happened yet in 2017. Beating Blake Bortles and Jacksonville isn’t exactly an NFL resume builder. It’s barely even a start.

Of the big boys taking snaps against his Rams in 2017, he’s lost to Kirk Cousins, Russell Wilson, and yes, Case Keenum. Three losses, three better teams, and with the exception of maybe Keenum, better quarterbacks.

Goff has to become better if the Rams are to be better than a feel good story.

In Week 14, Rams fans will get a healthy dose of “what if” when Carson Wentz plays in the Coliseum against the guy LA drafted ahead of him. To date, Wentz has been head and shoulders better than the first overall pick in the 2016 NFL Draft.

He also has his Philadelphia Eagles  at 9-1 in the NFC, and is the best team in the conference and maybe in the NFL.

Not bad for the guy who’s name was called second that night.

Goff has to begin winning some of these big games that still remain on the 2017 schedule that will determine if the Rams are a playoff team or just that “feel good” story.

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That may be a nice accomplishment after a bad seven game rookie season, but won’t be enough to get Los Angeles back into postseason play.

That’s a hurdle he still has to get over, sooner rather than later.