Where Ndamukong Suh lands says everything about the Rams and Suh


Fans will soon learn where free agent Ndamukong Suh lands this 2018 free agency season. It will also say a lot of where the Los Angeles Rams are as an organization, and where Suh is in his career.

The big name still swimming in the free agency pool this 2018 NFL offseason is defensive lineman Ndamukong Suh. The Los Angeles Rams have made a pitch, and along with the New Orleans Saints, Tennessee Titans, and now the New York Jets, Suh has plenty of options.

Including how soon, or even if a Super Bowl is that important to him.

Maybe it is, maybe it’s not. Ultimately Suh will do whatever Suh wants to do. His actions on the field are a living YouTube video of that.

Suh in Los Angeles is icing on the cake for the Rams. With him or without him, LA will enter the 2018 NFL season a Super Bowl favorite. Yes, they have to figure out the linebackers position, but we are talking about Wade Phillips, and based on decades of his success, I’m thinking he’ll figure it out.

But let’s not let ONE THING GET LOST.

If Suh signs in either New Orleans or Tennessee, you can make an argument he’s signing with a competitive team who if all the dominoes fall right, might get to a Super Bowl.

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If he signs in Los Angeles, his chances of playing on Super Sunday increase exponentially.

If he signs in New York, it’s a money grab, and I get it.

But don’t tell me he wants to win a ring. He’d only want a payday. And again, that’s ok.

In short order, the Rams have established who they are and what they are all about. They can sell a tangible track to success, but at a price.

Suh has choices, and his time of service provides that.

But reality is what reality is.

If Ndamukong wants to win, he’ll end up in either New Orleans or Tennessee.

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If he wants to be in play for a Super Bowl the moment he puts ink to paper, he’ll sign with the Rams.

If he wants a paycheck, he’ll sign elsewhere.

That’ll say everything right then and there.