Los Angeles Rams earn questionable placement on top 10 list for offense

(Photo by Shaban Athuman/Getty Images)
(Photo by Shaban Athuman/Getty Images) /

In a recent list of the top offenses in the NFL heading into 2018, the Los Angeles Rams surprisingly came in at No. 8.

When the Los Angeles Rams made the bold decision to make Sean McVay the youngest head coach in NFL history, one of the main reasons behind the move had to do with the success the former offensive coordinator had over the years as a member of the Washington Redskins. After seeing all of his success with helping Kirk Cousins reach a new level, the Rams were hoping McVay would be able to do the same with Jared Goff, which was exactly the case.

Not only did Goff look like a completely different quarterback in 2017 to help his team win the NFC West title along with a trip to the Pro Bowl, but also it’s tough to imagine Los Angeles making NFL history by being the first team to go from worst to first in scoring. Clearly, the future was already bright for the Rams after seeing all of this success during the first year under McVay, and when looking at some of the offseason moves made by this team, expectations have hit a whole new level.

Losing Sammy Watkins (Kansas City Chiefs) in free agency seemed like a crushing blow at the time, but acquiring Brandin Cooks through a trade with the New England Patriots was arguably an upgrade at the position. All of a sudden, Goff seems to have a much better speedy deep threat to work with in Cooks playing alongside Robert Woods and Cooper Kupp. Not to mention, Goff also has one of the league’s top running backs coming off his best season in which he finished second in the MVP voting to Tom Brady with Todd Gurley.

All things considered, this Los Angeles offense has the potential to cause all sorts of problems for opponents standing in their way throughout the 2018 season, and it will certainly be fun to see if they can live up to the hype. With that being said, it came as a surprise to see the Rams come in at No. 8 on a recent list conducted by NFL.com over the top offenses in the NFL following free agency and the draft, especially when seeing all of their success from this past season.

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Obviously, every writer is entitled to their opinion, and has their own formula to conduct rankings, but this still seemed like a bit of a surprise when looking at some of the other teams ahead of Los Angeles. Either way, the most important factor is the Rams have been making all of the necessary moves this offseason to give them a better chance of living up to the Super Bowl hype, and if all goes well, maybe they will in fact prove throughout the 2018 season their offense deserves to be higher than No. 8 on a list like this.