Los Angeles Rams can’t escape Aaron Donald questions after Todd Gurley’s extension

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(Photo by Ezra Shaw/Getty Images) /

After rewarding Todd Gurley with a hefty four-year extension, the Los Angeles Rams continue to see questions about when Aaron Donald’s turn will come.

Dating back to the middle of last season, Los Angeles Rams fans have done their best to patiently wait for Aaron Donald to receive a new deal he clearly deserved when looking at the impact he’s made over the last four seasons.

Around this time last year, the Rams were dealing with an unhappy Donald after the defensive superstar watched his holdout last throughout all of training camp and the preseason, but the circumstances are much different this time around.

Instead of having two more years on his rookie deal, Donald is entering the final year of his contract with Los Angeles, and when looking at the overall picture surrounding this team, the last thing the Rams want to risk is making one of their star players feel frustrated towards the team.

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Even if Los Angeles were to continue waiting on a new contract for Donald while flirting with the idea of potentially using the franchise tag in 2019, this still isn’t going to make the situation any better for the Rams.

Plus, with the decision by the team on Tuesday to announce how Todd Gurley had agreed to a four-year extension with the Rams, this has resulted in even more questions surrounding when the team is going to finally take care of Donald.

Last week, there was some hope surrounding the two parties agreeing to a deal soon since Donald reportedly told some friends he felt confident about a new contract before the start of training camp.

While that could still very well happen in the next day or so, Los Angeles is certainly cutting it close when it comes to risking a potential Donald holdout for a second year in a row.

For obvious reasons, locking up Gurley for the long run was an amazing decision by the Rams since this will only help put the offense in great shape for years to come. But if Los Angeles wants to take being in great shape as a team to a whole new level for the next couple of years, rewarding Donald is the answer.

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Until a new agreement is finally in place, Rams fans are only going to continue asking the obvious question about why it’s taking so long since it seems to be lasting forever.

So for the sake of avoiding another situation like last summer, let’s hope what Donald reportedly told his friends end up being right about a new deal happening soon, especially after this news surrounding Gurley.