How would LA Rams look if team held their 7 2019 NFL Draft picks?

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The LA Rams entered the 2019 NFL Draft with seven picks. How different would the team have been had they simply held those picks and not traded?

The LA Rams entered the 2019 NFL Draft with seven picks, made six trades, and emerged with eight players. While the Rams certainly found some key players in the 2019 NFL Draft, what would the team have looked like had the team held onto their original picks and simply chosen at picks : 31, 94, 99, 133, 169, 203, and 251?

Kenny Rodgers once cut a song entitled “The Gambler” to the top of the charts. One line from that song – “You’ve got to know when to hold ’em, know when to fold ’em. Know when to walk away, and know when to run.” has a message for many aspects of life.  So in keeping with that song, let’s delve into the “hold ’em” scenario.

Of course, with any “what if?” story, the first change to that draft with the Rams choosing a differing player than one selected, or even changing the team making that selection, changes every pick afterwards.  So rather than foolishly reviewing the 2019 NFL Draft, and applying the unfair advantage of “The Rams should have selected…” arguments, we will simply review who was taken at that pick, and who was still on the board who may have filled a known team need entering the 2019 NFL Draft.

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There has been some debate over whether the Rams should trade up in the draft to get “their guy”, stay put, or trade back. The science behind the random chance nature of the NFL Draft favors trading back. However, if a team is incredibly astute of identifying the perfect fit for the team, then chances improve to a point where it should be similar value regardless of where the team picks.

So let’s test the theory on the real world experience of the 2019 NFL Draft.  We know that the Rams traded six times leading up to and during the draft.  How would the team have looked at they stayed

So let’s look at each original pick and analyze what “might have been”: