3 2020 NFL Draft prospects LA Rams target for Whitworth’s successor

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LA Ramss Andrew Whitworth
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As NFL Rumors report LA Rams will re-sign Andrew Whitworth for 2020, here are three prospects who can be his replacement in the 2020 NFL Draft for 2021

The LA Rams were facing an impossible task. With next to nothing available left with the 2020 NFL Salary cap, no first round pick, and a host of outgoing free agents attracting the attention of practically all other 31 NFL teams, the Rams had a lot to accomplish with little to work with. The largest need for the LA Rams this off-season is that of offensive left tackle.  The blind side offensive tackle for a right-handed quarterback is the most critical position for any offense after a franchise quarterback.

38 year-old left tackle Andrew Whitworth becomes a free agent this year. His NFL contract expired, and the Rams would be forced to fill the position with an unfamiliar face or with an untested young lineman.  Neither of those options are too appealing, so it makes complete sense that the latest NFL Rumor is that the Rams will re-sign Whitworth for 2020.

Still, that’s only an extra year. In 2021, the Rams will be right back to square one.  Ah, but that’s only if the team does nothing in the meantime.  I cannot expect that to happen to the Rams. As the old saying goes: “Fool me once, shame on you. Fool me twice, shame on me.”  An extra season is all the Rams need to draft Andrew Whitworth’s replacement. So who will it be?

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The good news is that whomever the Rams draft, they will have a year of training camp, practices, and learning from Big Whit to prepare for the inevitable.  So who would make sense to “draft and stash” for the Rams?